Decorating to sell

I really enjoyed bringing the bare walls and floors to life in our flat last week - styled and ready for the real estate market. It was in desperate need of a mini makeover after renting it out to tenants for the past three years, and I approached the project with a similar plan to setting up a film or television set. It was all about extensive list making - what I had to buy, what I had to borrow from our own home, and what I had to hire (i.e pretty much all the furniture). I drew out rough floor plans and turned removalist for a few days, armed with an iron for the pile of bedding, a bag of 3M hooks for the art, and lots of props to detract from the less than perfect features of the flat. Luckily - It all went to plan, the agent was happy with the 'warm and inviting' transformation and he sold our flat within 10 hours of it going to market...we obviously couldn't be happier.

I hope you are all having a good week, I'm off to pop some bubbly!

Briar x


  1. Oh your place looks divine. I will take any reason to foof my house - actually I dont need one at all, I just like to foof and decorate for the pure pleasure of it. xx

  2. Looks really fab, I'm not surprised it sold so quickly!!!

  3. Wow, that's great! Everything you do looks fab x

  4. One day when I have my own home, I am going to ask you to do my home. You have such a wonderful touch - it feels warm, lived in, and looks like my kind of place.

    1. Thanks Lexi - that's very sweet of you to say xx


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