Little Nikki

After following each other on Instagram, I recently met the stylist Nicole Valentine Don (also known as Little Nikki) in real life, and I was immediately drawn to her refreshingly upbeat approach to life. The self-described 'inspired Canadian prairie girl' is the epitome of a spunky pocket rocket - and has a talent for DIY that is obvious through out her very sweet blog, the transcontinental affair. My mailbox came up with the goods on Monday when I found a lovely package addressed to myself and Sunday...Little Nikki had been busy and gifted us with one of her hand sewn hanging leaves, and a decorative arrow set to mount on the wall. I'll leave you with some photos from Little Nikki - three ways to make a non-functioning fireplace look cool. I love the pops of colour, the playful nature of each set up, and the healthy dose of whimsical DIY projects. You can contact Nicole directly - her favourite thing to do is to complete custom projects for her clients. Also, check out her recent Easter shoot for Freedom. Clever Little Nikki!

Styling: Nicole Valentine Don; Photos: Fiona Galbraith

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