Wallpaper for kids

I'm lucky enough to be styling a couple of kids rooms at the moment (a favourite brief of mine) and both clients have requested wallpaper for their little cherubs. I want my little clients to get longevity out of their new wall coverings, so have steered clear of using the more whimsical children's wall decals and papers that are very popular at the moment. I want the child to be able to grow with the print - so have been on the hunt for some slightly more sophisticated designs that will still be fun. Here are my top ten finds...you can find them here:

1. Miss & Missy Watermelon wallpaper by Jane Reiseger from the Wall Sticker Company 2. Emma Molony Peter Pan Wallpaper from Just Kids Wallpaper 3. Floating Flamingos wallpaper from Love Mae 4. Flamingo wallpaper from Cole & Son 5. Quoll Cream wallpaper from Sparkk 6. Beware the Moon wallpaper from Just Kids Wallpaper 7. Harlequin Dusty Green wallpaper from Ferm Living 8. Pocohontas Spring wallpaper from Love Mae 9. Nora by Sanberg wallpaper 10. Indian Tipi wallpaper from Studio Ditte.

I'll make sure I share the finished concept boards for the rooms when they are complete - I sure am having fun!

Briar x


  1. Looooove the flamigos. Do you feature wall or the whole kit and kaboodle??

    1. Go everything! Break it up with some nice window coverings - but yeah, I'm a fan of that over the feature wall!


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