Packing light

It's safe to say Sunday won't be forgetting her name in a hurry. The lucky thing was sent a lovely parcel of personalised Stuck on You goodies for me to review. As it turns out, Sunday can't leave the house lately without her Junior Wheelie Bag (this came in handy as her carry on when we went to the Gold Coast). She has been packing it (not as neatly as pictured, mind you) with all her 'neccessities' - the last photo is from Instagram over the weekend, while we were on our way to the supermarket. I've found the insulated lunchbox very handy for our travels too. The website gives you the ability to design your own sticker and clothing labels  - perfect timing for those of you with kids going back to school in a week or two. I also love the Puzzles, and think they are a really cute gift idea. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, I'll see you back here shortly!

Briar x


  1. You totally slayed my heart. Bless her cotton socks. Noah used to pack his little suitcase every time we went anywhere with all his trains. This post brought back so many good memories. Awww. x

  2. I do worry about the danger of such personalized items...


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