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I'm sure I'm not the only one when admitting I'm guilty of being more likely to exercise successfully if I have new sneakers and exercise gear (which explains my latest addiction to lululemon athletica...that place is dangerous for my wallet). With baby Sunday as my semi-permanent sidekick these days, the prospect of going to work on a big film (with big hours) is almost impossible for the moment. It became pretty clear I had to set up a more permanent 'office' ie. desk, and not the dining table at home as a freelancer. 

Mini drumroll please. Pictured below is Sunday Collector's new HQ...I'm writing this as I sit at my new desk, and I have to say - I'm pretty happy with it!

I purchased the Stationers Trestle Desk from Freedom on sale during the week. It's sturdy (and heavy) but so easy to assemble. 

I'm a big fan of the mood board when I look up from my screen, and as an alternative to a cork board - I had the inexpensive pegboard cut to size at my local Bunnings.

To 'decorate' the desk - I basically raided my craft cupboard and had a play. I also unpacked the always-moving black plastic crate I mentioned in this post.  Chair is a No.18 Thonet.

The mood board will be forever changing (but hopefully not too crowded). For now it's showing off a white crinkle fan from BHLDN. The 'Sunday' envelope is from Lulu Lucky and the postage stamp/heart tag was made by me.

My favourite perfume - the woody Wild Fig & Cassis from Jo Malone serves absolutely no purpose on the desk...I just like to look at it (and may even remember to put it on)!

You might be thinking 'where is all the ugly stationery??'...it's in these boxes! I personalised white storage from kikki-k I already had with some coloured paper.

One of my favourite pieces - a vintage mirror I was given from a job years ago hangs above the desk.

...and what office isn't complete in 2013 without a stash of washi tape - seen here in a second hand wire planter. I also wanted to show you the tongue and groove joins of the timber top. Believe me people, it's a good desk for the price!

I'll be back shortly to chat more about my work in 2013 - I just need some time to sit at my new desk and do some planning! I hope you all had a lovely Australia Day. Briar x


Tags & Sweet Tooth

My craft cupboard is uncharacteristically low in supplies at the moment, so I got a little creative when I had to wrap a birthday gift over the weekend. Using my new Cuttlebug machine and a hole punch, I turned some old manila folders in to colourful (but thrifty) gift tags.

...and the gift was made pretty in pink with a large piece of tulle and gold twine I purchased from Spotlight for another project a few months ago.

I took the gift to a lovely lunch shared with girlfriends at China Beach. We then 'pub crawled' it to Hugo's for a cocktail but got side-tracked by the dessert menu. Dessert Pizza conjurs up the memory of  'early 90's gourmet pizza fad' to me - but this little banana beauty is an exception. I hope you all had a lovely weekend! - Briar x


Summer Holiday

I hope 2013 is treating you all well. My year has kicked off on a rather relaxing note - we have just returned from 12 days of beach, oysters, scenic drives and good food at my parents place on the NSW South Coast. For those of you who have been following my blog for a while will remember my posts on previous times spent here. 

Rather than bore you with rather similar images from earlier visits, I thought I would share just the highlights...including this meal (Beetroot Cured Atlantic Salmon with Crème fraîche) from Rick Stein at Bannisters. My parents hung out with the baby, and the husband and I enjoyed a lovely lunch. 

A visit to Tuross just ain't a visit to Tuross without oysters. $20.00 for 3 dozen from Campbell's Oyster Farm. Buy them shucked (my preference) and you can be guaranteed they were farmed that morning. Amazing!

The biggest difference to our holiday this time around was that we had this little lady under our wing. Read: Beach visits took an hour of planning and packing,  sleeps-ins were non existent, and the boozy dinner was a distant memory. But then - she just smiles like this at me.  Welcome to 2013! See you back here soon everybody. Briar x


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