Sunday's Gift Guide - Christmas 2013

This year, Sunny has brought a new level of excitement to Christmas (as does all children). She obviously has no real concept of the day yet - but I really love to see her delight when she is checking out something new for the first time. After laying out her gifts for wrapping I realised I may have got a little too excited when it came to shopping - picking up things in my travels....but she's just too much fun to buy for! I thought I'd share a few links for anyone who is interested: 
1. Resin Bangles Set from Witchery (she's becoming a bit partial to accessorising) 2. Big Cupie doll, Cubes en Carton and Playon Crayon from the MCA Store 3. Pineapple hair clips from Seed Heritage 4. Yellow shorts and gold singlet from The Kidstore

1. Hello Kitty Toothbrush cover from Howard's Storage World 2. Denim play shorts (I love her little legs in shorts) from Witchery 3. Wooden Picnic set (complete with the cutest cherries) from Urban Baby 4. Sunny's first Sonny Angel from Papier D'Amour 5. Outdoor broom (Sunny just loves to sweep) from Kidstuff.

1. Dress from Witchery 2. Lizzie the limited edition doll from The Kidstore 3. Headband from Charbella Bubs 4. Mini Melissa shoes from Minibots. (3 and 4 were early Christmas presents courtesy of Sunny's Aunty Brie - they were just too cute not to include in the gift guide)!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and are all sorted for Christmas...Santa Claus is coming to to-own!

Briar x


  1. I purchased those cute lil yellow shorts for my daughter from the kidstore. I washed them after the 1st wear and all the frill on the bottom frayed and split. I was shattered. Mums gone to see if they'll replace or exchange. They have so many nice clothes for the lil ones though!!! I stocked up big time for my 2 kids.

    1. Oh, sorry to hear that Elisha! I didn't have the same problem - so maybe yours were a faulty pair? I wash in cold on a gentle cycle - maybe that helped?? It is always so annoying when things get ruined in the wash - I splashed a new pair of black Country Road pants with bleach a few weeks ago - argh!!


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