Kate & Kate

I'm a fan of anything with a good logo or a product that's packaged well, so when I was handed the K&K hand stitched calico bag, I knew I would love what was inside. Sunny and I are now the proud owners of a very cosy new blanket! Sisters in law Kate & Kate produce a contemporary range of blankets and throws (the design pictured with Sunny is called 'Jagger' in pink and grey). Kate & Kate's designs are focused on yummy colour combinations and geometric patterns, all knitted from breathable cotton and are free from harmful substances - they are also super soft, making them perfect for babies. The blankets and throws are generously over sized and would also be perfect for dressing up a sofa or armchair. You can buy online (on their cool website), or from some of my favourite stores in Sydney and Melbourne. 

And in exciting news...I'll be running a giveaway on Instagram on Monday - the lucky recipient will win one of their own Kate & Kate blankets. Yay!

I hope you all had a great weekend,

Briar x

PS. Check out a new favourite blog of mine, The Grace TalesKate Pascoe Squires and her divine children were recently interviewed and photographed in their home. It should be no surprise to you that someone who makes blankets of this calibre has some serious design cred going on at home. 

Last image credit: Styled by Marsha Golemac, photographed by Brooke Holm. 


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  2. I can't stop looking at these gorgeous photos!! I'm so excited to receive ours :) Thanks again for running this lovely giveaway & for sharing so many beautiful photos xx

    1. So glad you won Tracy. I got a chance to get to the post office this morning - so expect the parcel on Monday or Tuesday. Have a great weekend! Briar x


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