Christmas Gift Wrapping

Here is my Christmas gift wrapping efforts for 2013: I'm only half way through the pile, but I thought I should share a photo or two with you in case any of you would like help with a theming idea (see previous themes here and here).

I went for a budget friendly and simple combination of coloured tissue paper, clear cellophane, washi tape, and mini balloons* (ie.water balloons without the water) that I tied on top of the gifts with fishing line. You will notice I have used a range of ribbons - I decided it was time to raid the craft cupboard and use some of my old collection. If you don't have this kind of stash, I find Spotlight is brilliant for cute and inexpensive ribbons and braids. 

I hope you all had a great weekend, and you are enjoying the festive season!

Briar x

*FYI - I wrapped the first gift a week ago, and the little balloon stayed filled with air for the full week...just be careful not to pop a balloon when transporting the gifts, I have to admit - I've already lost one or two.


  1. Lady, I haven't been here for WAY too long! Gosh your blog is such a highlight! You are so very talented, oozing style and colourful goodness!

    Hope you guys are well!

    xo em

  2. Oh man I love it and now I want to change my whole wrapping theme lol xx


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