Panasonic Lumix GM1

I've been snapping pictures like a (happy) crazy lady the past week. It's been the week of Mark's birthday, so luckily I've had a few photo-worthy opportunities. Panasonic contacted me last month and asked if I'd like to try out their very snazzy new Lumix GM1 (pictured above).  Along with a few other lucky bloggers, I got my hands on the hot little package at a high tea where we taken through everything. I won't get too technical here (let's face it, I'd have to copy and paste off the website if I did)...but I will say this:

• SMH reviewed the camera four days ago and summed it up perfectly - petite perfection. It's retro-looking, handbag size and super cute.
• It's as simple to use as an everyday point and shoot but comes packed with advanced features you'd expect in an SLR (including an interchangeable lens).
• Using the Panasonic Image App on your phone, you can wirelessly transfer photos and videos from the camera in seconds. eg. instantly email/load a photo on Facebook or Instagram.
• The camera has 22 'creative control modes'- which is basically a better offering of filters than Instagram...instantly make anything look amazing*. 
• And my favourite feature: Intelligent Auto mode -  ie. the camera does all the work. 'Scene Guide' offers 23 sample pictures - all you have to do is choose the image closest to the situation you are in, and the camera will automatically start shooting to the correct settings. I gave the 'appetizing food' setting a go at Mark's birthday lunch on Saturday at Public Dining Room
• It's the cutest, easiest camera I have ever owned (spot the crazy lady snapping away with one hand in the copper pot lids). It will be available mid December and retails for $999.00. Get on to it, Santa!

Also pictured are the gifts Mark scored from Sunny and I this year. What do you get a man who loves to cook? Copperware of course! We are now the proud owners of some beauties we'll have for life from Mauviel. Something else we'll have for life is the commissioned  sketch of little Sunday by Jen Keates...but more on Jen later - I'll be running an exciting giveaway on Instagram very soon.

I hope you all had a great weekend,

*No filters were used on these images.


  1. Those copper pans look amazing. Will we be getting another Sunday gift guide this Christmas?!

  2. My goodnes, fantastic and wonderful cake, amazing pictures, huggs, ania


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