Wall Confetti

Beci Orpin's lovely new book Find and Keep describes itself as '26 Projects to spark your imagination'. That it does! I finally got around to creating the giant confetti project Beci outlines on page 136 (I used more durable cardboard - rather than paper). 

I would happily confetti bomb my living room, except I have a husband who understandably wouldn't appreciate it - so it was the baby's room that got treated with the in-expensive wall treatment using cardboard and Blu Tak. I sure hope Sunday likes colour, because she's surrounded by it!

If you're also a keen crafter, I recommend the book - you can buy Find and Keep here.

Hope you are all having a great week! Briar x


  1. That is so fun! (Yes, boringly, I'm simply repeating what Lulu Lucky said ... because it's true). SUNDAY IS SO CRAZY CUTE! Kellie xx

  2. I think it's so nice of you to take the time out to do fun DIYs for your baby :)

  3. I love this idea! I will so have to do this myself - what an easy pick me up!

    Although . . . my scissor cutting skills leave a bit to be desired.

    Look out Ruby (my niece), you're about to be confetti bombed!

    kate x

  4. Just saved 2 of your recipes this morning....yum! Thank you! KG

  5. Just love this idea, I had it on my inspiration files for our babies nursery too! Sunday is looking very cute I have to say.

  6. This is the FIRST thing i was positive i was going to do when i read it in her book ! I still haven't .. But i will now ! PS - How on earth did you get them so perfect ?!?! xx

  7. It's a fun project! I used my 'Cuttlebug' - which die cuts perfect shapes (and circles). Very handy!

  8. Oh wow, it looks amazing and I just love the colours your chose. Very inspired to find a wall to confetti now!
    Sophie x

  9. Hello Briar, I just love the bedroom and the confetti! May I ask where your cot is from please?


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