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Avert your eyes my lovely readers if you are on the peckish side at the moment. I was the guest at two gorgeous baby showers over the weekend (February babies rule)! The spread  you see below is thanks to my cousins -  the clever girls at Zed & Bee. Zed hosted Bee's baby shower on Sunday...

This is a shot of the 'make your own' Sundae Bar. No words needed - it was so good.

I had to share the perfect square form of this gigantic cheese - Sheep's Milk D'Affinois. 

Little hot dog sliders were cruising around the party too...

...as were glasses of Sparkling Apple Sangria. Refreshing and delicious - check out the recipe here.

The best part of a baby shower is checking out all the gorgeous gifts! I threw a few things on the present pile - including a little DIY craft job. You see, the future baby daddy of the little boy is a bit of professional with a can of spray paint - so I whipped up* a Baby Rattle 'Spray Can' for his mini-me. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! - Briar x

*For those of you wondering - I simply painted/illustrated a can with non-toxic fabric paint on to calico, sewed a back on, stuffed it with an old film canister filled with bells (to make the rattle sound) and polyester cushion stuffing. Voila! You have a baby spray can rattle...


  1. Delicious. No party is complete without a make your own sundae bar. Have a happy sugar filled week. Melinda x

  2. The sundae looks incredible - and what a cute idea for the baby rattle Briar! BG x

  3. The recipe link isn't responding - could you please confirm. Many thanks!


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