Tags & Sweet Tooth

My craft cupboard is uncharacteristically low in supplies at the moment, so I got a little creative when I had to wrap a birthday gift over the weekend. Using my new Cuttlebug machine and a hole punch, I turned some old manila folders in to colourful (but thrifty) gift tags.

...and the gift was made pretty in pink with a large piece of tulle and gold twine I purchased from Spotlight for another project a few months ago.

I took the gift to a lovely lunch shared with girlfriends at China Beach. We then 'pub crawled' it to Hugo's for a cocktail but got side-tracked by the dessert menu. Dessert Pizza conjurs up the memory of  'early 90's gourmet pizza fad' to me - but this little banana beauty is an exception. I hope you all had a lovely weekend! - Briar x

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