Doily Lampshade with Beattie

I was a student at the SCHOOL on Saturday, and it was such a lovely way to spend my morning. Our teacher for the class was the clever Miss Beattie Lanser, who owns a clothing label (and a cute shop up the road from me in Fairlight). Her lesson for the day was to teach us to make one of her Doily Designer Lampshades. Where was Mrs Megan Morton (school principal) back in the day? I'm sure I would have been an A+ student had my classroom looked more like this! The photos speak for themselves - we sipped tea, ate yummy biscuits, and chatted - it truly was so nice to be back at school.  Beattie will be hosting another class soon, so keep your eye on the calender. I also know Megan has some really fun things planned at the SCHOOL for Mothers Day - Sunday 13th May.

Pictured above are the lampshades almost finished. In a few days time, the glue will be dry and ready for the balloon to be popped. I will show you mine hanging at home soon.

I hope you all had a great weekend! - Briar


The Potato Scallop

 I had heard the new cafe at the MCA was really good. However I would have visited far sooner than yesterday had I known there was a Potato Scallop on the menu. Tell me I'm not alone in my love for the potato morsel? I've been a fan since about the age of 8, when I was allowed to make solo visits to the take away shop across the road from my Nan's house on the Central Coast. The whole menu at the cafe read equally impressive, I recommend a visit. 

Colour by Alexander Girard could be my new favourite book. I think it's meant for kids, but it's just fine for adults too - bought from the gorgeous MCA Store after my scallops.

Back at home, I raided the craft cupboard (which is finally starting to deplete in it's supply) to make some budget friendly 'baby love' thank you cards. 

Have a great weekend - Briar


Baby's Bedroom

I'd like to share with you the baby's bedroom. Finished, finally - at least until the little person puts her own stamp on it (I sure hope she likes art, colour and collecting as much as her Mum). I can't begin to tell you how much fun I've had pulling it together, I previously mentioned some of the DIY projects on this post. It's become the room in my home I'm finding myself in more and more often - reading, daydreaming, and imagining who our little girl will be. As you will see, I have sourced things from all over the place - online, kids shops, $2 shops, op shops and family hand-me-downs. Listed below are product links, but please let me know if you have any questions. 

I framed the French Navy card that we had my doctor secretly write the sex of the baby in, and an old family photo from the 1980's. The shelf and brackets are from Ikea.

To balance out the (fun) shopping, I embarked on some DIY cash saving projects. The vintage bookshelf was purchased from a thrift shop for $50 - and became as good as new with a coat of primer and Taubmans Peach Orchid

I have always loved the 1963 Enzo Mari Red Apple screenprint. Budget wouldn't allow for me to purchase the real thing (£220), so I painted my own version on canvas.

Paper Mache Zebra head is from Kido Store  - surrounded by a collage of old cards and illustrations I had stored in my craft cupboard.

As some of you know, my Mum is very crafty, and has made a collection of soft toys (critters), crocheted blankets and knitted clothes for the baby while I've been pregnant. The gorgeous silk rosette on the change table is by Tara Badcock.

Wall mounted Mushrooms are from Herman Marie on Etsy The pendant light is the Foto from IKEA. I spray painted it with White Knight 'Rust Guard' - the perfect matt grey in my opinion. 

A large amount of vintage books and toys were purchased at thrift shops along the way during my pregnancy. I love the mix of old and new items, making it a truly eclectic space.

I painted one wall panel in Black Chalkboard paint so when the baby is older she will have her own wall to 'grafitti' with chalk. In the meantime, I have drawn my own whimsical illustrations.

Lark Store was my 'go to' for some cute accessories - including a wall mounted cardboard grocery store.

Ok baby Stanley, ready when you are! Briar (Mum) x

ROOM UPDATE: Sunday Stanley loves her room, and when she was 9 months old, I came across Beci Orpin's lovely new book Find and Keep which describes itself as '26 Projects to spark your imagination'. That it does! I created the giant confetti project Beci outlines on page 136 (I used more durable cardboard - rather than paper). 

I would happily confetti bomb my living room, except I have a husband who understandably wouldn't appreciate it - so it was Sunday's room that got treated with the in-expensive wall treatment using cardboard and Blu Tak. Little Sunday now wakes up to a party in her room every day!

See updated photographs here.


The Best Bath

 Words such as 'Go to dinner as much as you can now', 'Go to the movies every week', 'Get away for a few nights before the baby comes' are words my husband and I have heard often over the past few months from parents living with young people. So, we went away! We returned yesterday from three nights at Bells at Killcare on the NSW Central Coast. Hooly Dooly, what a place - we didn't want to leave.

We went exploring during the day: From my old favourite, Pearl Beach to an area I visited through out my childhood with my Central Coast based Grandma - The Entrance. I almost wish I hadn't gone back...I captured the peaceful Brisbane Waters photo, however I was saddened to see the suburb had almost frozen in time, and is looking a little neglected these days. I did love the blonde brick wall above though - deserted but pretty.

If you've been hanging with me over on Instagram, you would have already seen these photos...this is Mark happy with our Bells breakfast (beautiful flat whites, fresh juice, fruit platters and warm pastries). So good.

 Lemon and Lime Roses for sale at the Long Jetty cafe The Glass Onion Society. I'm told that you can make this happen by adding green food dye to the water of yellow roses. Who would have thought?

Sleepy, grey and wet Hardys Bay still managed to look beautiful. Going home was hard, that's for sure. I hope you have all had a great week!
- Briar


My Baby Shower

Future Baby Stanley and I were totally and utterly spoilt over the weekend by family and friends at a Baby Shower. My Mum hosted it in the backyard, and the weather was certainly on our side (you might remember me mentioning the house here).

Asking me not to have input in decorating any Baby Shower would be difficult - let alone my own (oh, so much fun)...and I have had a bit of spare time on my hands lately. I decided to spray paint farm animals grey and decorate the tables with old-school confetti and hot pink carnations in recycled food tins. Not sure why, really - I guess I just like colour, and I assume my daughter will too. In the timber box above are the home-made lolly bags.

 I certainly didn't go without in the food department (home made leek and goats cheese quiches, these chicken sandwiches and sausage rolls, thanks good-cook big sister and Mum), but the delicious soft cheese and Logan bubbly on offer was there to tempt me and for others to enjoy. Bring on the post-baby feast I say!

I had a handful of small guests too - and they made the most of a sunny day on the grass.

Special mention has to go to Bonnie the Baker (Hello, Vanilla Butter Cupcakes)!

And a huge thank you must go to everyone who came, and to my Mum, sisters and cousins who brought the day together. Also, to my 7 year old niece (and very excited cousin-to-be) - the 'official helper' on the day. I was going to post a photo of the beautiful pile of wrapped presents, but I thought that might be a bit crass. I can't tell you how fun it was unpacking all that loot in to the nursery though, I'll share it all with you soon!

- Briar x

PS. I should have posted the below photos earlier - just showing you the fun I had prepping. My sister and I cheated and bought the blank invitations (and just stuck in the middle part) from Etsy store, Rainy Day Colors.



 As my belly gets bigger, my legs are getting slower. Lately my days have been filled with things like yummy breakfasts at home (this is a favourite at the moment). Let's call it Briar's Breakfast Platter. Hard boiled egg with fresh tomato, avocado, lemon and ricotta. Yum.

I had a little visitor on Good Friday that was too young to know what the colourful balls on my coffee table were. Next Easter might be a different story.

We had Easter lunch with the family at the very kitsch (check out the salt & pepper) Quarterdeck Marina on the NSW South Coast in Narooma.

If you are short and cute, the owner of the Quarterdeck gives you a cup of  food for some fish feeding at the end of the jetty.

It's raining babies in my family at the moment! We got back to Sydney to wrap gifts and meet my very special and new niece born on Easter Monday, Mia. She arrived a little earlier than expected, but is thriving and loving life...as is my younger brother - it's so beautiful to see a father so outwardly in love with his baby girl.

- Briar

PS. On a another note - I would love to see you over on Instagram. I kind of see it as instant micro-blogging. No wonder Facebook bought it this week, it's getting big, and it's so much fun! 
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