Billie + Elliott

Remember the family-effort bunting I shared from my cousin's wedding at the end of December in Noosa? Now I can share the rest of the beautiful day with you. Sydney-based photographer Carine Thévenau did an amazing job of capturing the playfulness and beauty of the day. Above is my aunt's garden (!!), and lake named after my grandma, Enid. Below are more of my favourite shots:

Coming from a big family, Billie & Elliott's was the third wedding my niece and nephew have had a starring role. Finn takes his pageboy (or 'cageboy' as he thinks he's called) duties very seriously.

Mr & Mrs R...seriously cute.

The garden/view is so perfect, decorating was kept to a (gorgeous) minimum.

The ladies. My cousin, also in blue, is expecting her first baby a month ahead of me - and we chose dresses (mainly for comfort) from Ginger & Smart. Billie had her dress custom made, and the 4 other dresses are from Zimmerman.

The men.

My very special Nanny Enid. 87 years old and rocking a Camilla Kaftan.

Night time came, and the fireworks started...

...and so did the dancing. I'm probably going to get in trouble for this photo, but the groom clearly had his dancing shoes on.
- Briar


All good things come in threes

Early on in my career in the film industry, I was advised by a more senior colleague that "film people don't cross over in to working on stills" (and the magazine industry). I decided not to listen to the advice - I just thought to myself that surely it's similar, once the sourcing has been done and you have the set up, isn't the only difference a camera goes click or a camera goes roll? This is where the superstylist Megan Morton comes in. I had just finished up on a long film and she gave me a chance to assist her on a Sheraton shoot for a week. Megan has ended up being a generous mentor and lovely friend to me in every sense of the word - and an extremely funny one at the same time. It was no surprise to me to be blown away during the week at the launch party of her latest venture. As the invite said - 'All good things come in threes'. You must all get to Rosebery - really, really soon. Below are my photos from the night.

Although you may have already heard - but the most exciting news from my whole blog post? Megan is opening up a school. 'We teach design, craft, styling and lifestyle topics to adults and children. Our classes work to trigger, continue and develop creativity. We offer you access to the best of the best in their field in small, encouraging workshops and classes'. So wonderful, make sure you sign up to this website so they can let you know when everything is ready.

You could hire the studio - with level ground access, it's kind of a stylist's dream...and how cute is the on-site set building workshop!

The Propery is back! It's as beautiful as ever - but this deserves it's own blog post on another day.

In the gigantic warehouse space you will also find the new Koskela showroom (there are over one hundred things that I want to buy) and the cafe Kitchen by Mike. As I said, get to 85 Dunning Avenue Rosebery, you could make a day of it. All good things truly do come in three.



The Lunch Business

We experienced two very delightful but very different lunches over the weekend. The first (adventurous) feast was at Gastro Park in Potts Point. I went here not knowing a whole about the place - but it ended up being one of those establishments/meals I'm still talking about the next day. Picture above is the 'Liquid butternut gnocchi' - totally unexpected liquid balls of pumpkin bobbing up and down in a warm broth. Kind of bizarre, but completely delicious.

Above is my dessert - before and after cracking the 'mandarin sphere'. My favourite part? Those mini purple blobs are actually tiny macaroons. So cute!

Sunday found us in Annandale for a homemade pizza feast made by my newlywed cousin (who now has a kitchen kitted out with fancy new things).

We'd finish one, and the next variety would be hot out of the oven and on to the table.

We wrapped up the meal with a ricotta cheesecake from Pasticceria Papa. If you haven't tried one of these fluffy cakes, chop-chop over to Haberfield, you won't regret it.

As you can see, the baby-to-be isn't exactly going hungry. I hope you all had a great weekend!


Bambino Cloudburst

Look up the word 'Shower' on Thesaurus.com and the alternative 'Cloudburst' comes up. I like this word so much better for describing Rachel's lovely gathering last weekend celebrating the impending arrival of her first baby. Botanical Coasters pictured above are from Rifle Paper Co.

You can never go wrong with a simple bunch of Hydrangea or Dahlia in my opinion.

Or some cute DIY with trims from Spotlight on a drinks bucket.

With a recommendation from another new mum, we gifted Rachel with a Tortellini cushion - apparently they are great for supporting the baby when breast feeding, and then as a little floor seat for the baby once they are sitting up. The gift that keeps on giving!

Good luck Rachel and Luke, we can't wait to meet the new little person.



I turn the big 31 tomorrow, and we had a lovely (joint effort) lunch with family today. My little sister baked her famous red velvet cake and also threw some melting moments in to the mix - the reason I am going to bed without needing dinner tonight.

The messy aftermath of the delicious barbecued ocean trout my Mum brought to the table.

A really yummy salad made my big sister (see the recipe below).

Something to finish off the festivities. After all, you're never too old for a strawberry pinata filled with Hubba Bubba and Redskins, right? I'm not sure who enjoyed it more - the two kids in attendance, or the ten adults.

I sure feel like a very lucky 31 year old. Here's the yummy salad recipe:

Bean & Asparagus Salad from the Ottonenghi cook book:
800 g mixed green (French) beans, snow peas and asparagus spears - blanched quickly in salted water and dropped in cool water to keep colour and some crunch.
Mix with remaining ingredients;
120 g whole hazelnuts roasted and chopped coarsely (remove husk)
1 garlic clove crushed
1/2 skin of an orange - fine zest strips (no white)
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons nut oil (hazelnut ideal)
1/2 cup of chives chopped into 1 cm lengths
salt & pepper to taste



Six Things

My crafty mum has been experimenting with coat hangers and ribbon, and she brought over this mini word on Saturday morning. Apart from the sunshine that finally appeared over the weekend in Sydney, pictured here are five more things that have been putting a smile on
my face:

My boss recently tipped me off on the genius cleaning range from Cinderella Products - kind on the environment and people, and the minty smell from the Multi-Purpose spray is totally addictive. Buy the range from your local health food store.

I'm also loving Atomic Popcorn (chosen flavour: the salty and sweet combo). I'm becoming a bit of a regular for a bag at Manly Markets on a Saturday.

My crafty mum is also knitting up a storm for Baby Stanley - the cream and red number was the first addition to the ever-expanding winter wardrobe.

I can't knit, but I sure can purchase. I couldn't go past the colour range in this pack of 5 singlets and socks from Bonds (via Big W). Check out the Bonds Baby online sale too - it's a good one!

Last but not least, Eucalyptus flowers from my Dad's garden made their way over on Saturday afternoon. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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