Sunday's Gift Guide

I'm just a little bit excited about Sunday's first Christmas. As I'm sure you'll agree, kids make the season - and shopping for Sunday and my nieces and nephews this year has been heaps of fun. Above is Sunday's Santa sack made by my Mum (filled with presents for the photo), but of course hidden until the big day. I plan to repeat the Christmas morning traditions that I grew up with - Santa sack loaded up on the couch, bad Christmas jingles, fashion parades in new clothes, glazed ham and cranberry on toast - finished with a large rainbow lollipop for breakfast (I'm not sure how that tradition started, but it's a fond memory). I know she will find the tags on things far more interesting, but at least I can appreciate the fun and pretty things for now...below is what she will find on Christmas morning.

Felt mushrooms - buy them here
This Moose Belongs To Me by Oliver Jeffers - buy it here
Timber house blocks - buy them here
Denim shorts - buy them here
Lunch Box Set - buy it here

Melamine Plates - buy them here
Cooler Lunch Bag - buy it here
Wooden Stacking Rings - buy them here
Rattle Ball - buy it here
Touch & Feel Farm by Dwell Studio  - buy it here

Pink Bath Sheet - buy it here
Bath Tug Boat Toy - buy it here
Now I Am Big - buy it here
Sophie The Giraffe* - buy it here
Pink Shorts (made by my mum) buy the fabric - and so much more here

A gift arrived for me this week! Thanks to Freedom, I'm the very proud owner of a cool Mister Moss geranium. To look after it, all it needs is a dunk in water once a week. Check out the website, such an original gift idea.

I can't help myself...I'm such a stage mum. I just have to show you our little Christmas baby. Photographed by Maya at The School. I hope you had a great weekend. See you back here soon!

*This will be Sunday's second Sophie...her first Sophie was thrown out the pram, her new trick.


  1. if i had a daughter you looks as delightful and gorgeous as miss sunday - i would so be a stage mum. Look at her, seriously! stunning pic and gorgeous pressies - enjoy your first christmas with her x

  2. What a lucky little girl! It's a bit hard not to spoil them, particularly when they are that cute.
    Don't worry about Sophie; we lost three overboard.
    Now, I am off to get me some of those geraniums. Fab-o!

  3. Looks like a great bunch of presents.
    My baby loves touch and feel books, the farm one will be a hit
    Alli x

  4. Sunday is ADORABLE!!

  5. Love this post and seeing all of Sunday's gorgeous presents. Must also say how obsessed I am with her bedroom. I've got my first baby (a girl) due in April and her room is very much inspired by Sunday's!

  6. Congratulations Anthea! Lovely to hear that you liked the room. I would love to see photos of your babies room once you are finished! Have a great Christmas x

  7. i love your present choices & Sunday in the tee pee is the cutest thing i've ever seen!!

  8. So lovely little Christmas baby! Congrates Anthea. xo
    ~ Herman Swan

  9. wow lucky girl! new reader, love your blog x


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