Confetti & Luggage Tags

Hello everyone! It's been waaaaay too long between posts. Summer and the lead up to Christmas has me feeling rejuvenated and inspired...and ready to get back in to the blog. So, here I am. My Christmas wrapping last year proved a bit of a hit, so I thought I'd share with you the theme for 2012. 

A budget friendly and simple combination of old-school confetti, butchers paper, clear cellophane, twine, washi tape and plastic luggage tags.

 4 gifts down, only about 44 to go. I shouldn't complain, I do love it.

 $1.00 plastic luggage tags were purchased from my local newsagency - filled with gold spot decorated graph paper (and my handwriting). 

I'll be taking a gift to The School tomorrow - for the Lu Lu Lucky paper chandelier giving tree. They are taking gifts and tinned food to The Salvation Army. Drop your labelled gift with age/gender in to the gallery area of The Studio/The School before 20th December.  

I'll see you back here soon with baby Sunday's gift guide - basically things that the big guy in the red suit has loaded and ready for her first ever (Nanny made) Santa sack.


  1. Oh. My. Godfather. My days were lacking something and I didn't know what it was. Now I do. I had no posts from Sunday Collector! Please, please, pretty please keep them coming.
    BTW- Those tags are just élan! So happy and full of joy.

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  3. Super Beautiful Briar! People are going to be bursting with excitement to open these beauties! xx

  4. Wow! The creativity of putting the luggage tags on the gift is very superb. Keep on posting!


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