What's your birthday meal?

My mum has always taken 'favourite birthday meal' requests from her three daughters. Beef Stroganoff is my favourite dish - the oldie but a goodie from the 80's never disappoints in my mind.  Hannah often requests Lasagne. Above is the classic recipe typed up for my Mum over 40 years ago by a glamorous American model (another story for another day).  I've tried a few slices of lasagne in my time -  but I was raised on this one, and nothing competes. The trick is to make and prepare the meat/tomato sauce the day before.

The recipe was modernised a little this year with the addition of juicy grape tomatoes. Seriously, so good.

 Surprise, surprise. Bonnie the Baker was at it again with two cakes this time. Word on the street is that she is launching her own blog. I'll let you know when she's live.

 The birthday girl was gifted with some serious arm candy...

 ...and an antique biscuit jar (she collects them). This particular one was made extra special as it holds an original collection of wedding telegrams/RSVP's from 1909. I think it's lovely that they have found a nice new home - but I would love to know the story behind them.

A purely gratuitous shot of one of the guests, included here because it makes me laugh. 
Have a great week everybody! - Briar


  1. I love those family traditions! My birthday request was always tuna mornay. I know, how naff! But I loved it. And then we always make a special violet crumble cream sponge. Always. It's the bomb x

  2. So many exciting things happening here: 1) I love a good lasagne 2) my mum always takes 'favourite meal' requests for birthdays as well, and mine is ALWAYS Beef Stroganoff (SNAP!) - I like it with fettucine, is that weird? 3) a new hermes cuff style, another thing to add to my 'lusting after list' 4) that crazy delicious daughter of yours, just when I didn't think she could be any cuter you go and get her, her own wayfarers!!! x

  3. I always prefer Tuna on birthdays. Nice to know about Beef Stroganoff. Last pic is so cute!
    ~ Herman Swan

  4. My birthday meal growing up was my mum's lasagne too - though after I turned vego at 15 it was spinach and ricotta cannelloni! My birthday cake was always a black forest - and to this day I've never eaten one as good as mum's - lots of Kirsch!!!

  5. Oh those cakes look so yummy I had to pin them asap!
    My bro's bday meal every year thru our whole childhood was lasagna too! Mine was always Chinese, now we mix it up every year.
    I'm craving that lasagna and those cakes now!



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