Sunday's Dad

The very new and lovely dad in my house requested Tetsuya's scrambled eggs for his first Fathers Day breakfast. After a quick google search, I discovered Mr Wakuda is very well known for the simple (but delicious) recipe outlined below. It's all about the secret ingredients - ricotta, creamed corn and Tetsuya's Truffle Salt. We happened to have a jar of the salt from last year's birthday gift, but you can also buy it here

Serves 2
4 large free range eggs
1.5 tablespoons creamed corn
1 tablespoon cream
1 tablespoon ricotta
1 tablespoon butter and 1 tablespoon oil for frying
Pinch of truffle salt
Lightly beat eggs and creamed corn in a bowl and add cream. Heat tablespoon butter and oil in a non stick frypan and cook on low to medium heat gently folding occasionally until almost done. Crumble over ricotta and fold gently and let the heat of the eggs melt the ricotta. Serve with yummy sourdough toast, and sprinkle truffle salt on top.
In news still related to Fathers Day...apparently the way to get a baby to print their handprint in paint is to get them when they are sleeping. I didn't know that. Needless to say, the gift/wine box above ended up with a finger paint job - done in a hurry while my confused baby had her tiny paint filled fists tightly clenched.

Mark and baby Sunday today - a Daddy's girl already. Have a great week everybody!
- Briar x


  1. I love your gift idea, such a thoughtful present! Are you able to tell me where you got the wine box?

    Thanks for such an inspiring blog, I always enjoy your posts!

    1. Hi Laura, bought the box from Dan Murphy's!

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  3. How did you make Father's Day look so cool?? I've been struggling with this for years!! Prux

  4. Hi Briar,
    I enjoy your blog & tried to follow you on IG. Is this possible to do?
    I'm wendycaldwell1


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