Smiles All Round

Hi everyone! How time flies with a baby that is yet to learn the art of sleep, It's been over two weeks since my last post. Our funny little bamabina is growing by the day - an outfit that's roomy on her one week is tight the next, and her smiles are getting bigger every day. It's been so lovely to witness her random grins. In other news, below are six more things that  have been bringing a smile to my face:

Photo shares on Instagram have been uncovering talent left, right and centre. Handmade String and Tie Envelopes and a Tassel Necklace arrived last week from Lulu Lucky. Order the beautiful range from Kara here. 

What am I eating you ask?? It's a what the British call a Nickerbocker Glory. My step dad was recently reminiscing to my niece and nephew about his favourite childhood treat. Juno and Finn were so fascinated by the description, they twisted Poppy's arm to re-create them at my Mum's birthday lunch. Learn how to make them here - they may be slightly heavy on the ingredients side, but taste crazy good!

I'm loving burning this beautiful Australian made candle from Sniff. Buy the range here 

The camera was begging to come out at a little baby party we had at our house last week. Kit, meet Sunday. Sunday, meet Kit. Just too cute!

Have a great week everybody! 
Briar x


  1. Knickerbocker Glory's are the best!

  2. The babies are so cute. I love the orange cardigan.

  3. hi... i just discovered your blog & i have to say: i think you have my life & i'd rather like it back please! :) if you get about 524 extra page views today it's probably me going through your back posts... i'm addicted! where the heck have i been? sue

  4. oh my gosh those knickerbockers look incredible... but not as sweet as those two peachy skinned, chubby cheeked babes! x

    P.S - Juno, Finn, Poppy, Sunday, Kit. This post is a name lovers dream!

  5. Lovely...all of it! Just curious...what are the ingredients that Poppy included in these, especially the pink at the bottom? His ingredients look quite different than those listed on the link...but absolutely DELICIOUS! Thanks so much for sharing!


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