Hello everyone, it's been a while! I hope you are all well and rugging up in the frosty weather. My sister asked me when I was going to start blogging again and my answer was this...

 My life for the past 5 weeks hasn't really warranted blog-worthy photos. I have been spending an un-healthy amount of time in my laundry (um...no one told me how much dirty washing a small person is capable of producing)? I must admit though, I am becoming quite the stain fighter! Sard Wonder Spray, you are my friend.

 The change table has also been getting a work out - with some more 'entertaining' change sessions than others.

Who can forget feeding - my baby certainly doesn't. Above is one of the chairs we find ourselves on the majority of the day.

And this little 6 week old face makes it all worth it. I'll see you back here soon with (hopefully) more exciting content! Briar (+ Sunday) x

Above: Cushion is from Freedom, Chair is from Le Forge and crochet blanket is by my Mum.


  1. Hey Briar ... here's the most boring comment you will ever receive but there's a shop called Enviro Chem on Parramatta Rd (Leichhardt? Suddenly can't quite recall), and they sell huge nappy bucket size containers of great laundry powder. $50. It's the cheapest around and it'll last you for months! Ok, boring conversation over. Sunday is beautiful. Kellie xx

  2. What could be more exciting than that little face .... she really is adorable Briar XXX

  3. I love your posts and am sorely missing them but that face would make a lot of yuckiness worthwhile. You must just want to pinch cheeks and gaze all day.


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