The Potato Scallop

 I had heard the new cafe at the MCA was really good. However I would have visited far sooner than yesterday had I known there was a Potato Scallop on the menu. Tell me I'm not alone in my love for the potato morsel? I've been a fan since about the age of 8, when I was allowed to make solo visits to the take away shop across the road from my Nan's house on the Central Coast. The whole menu at the cafe read equally impressive, I recommend a visit. 

Colour by Alexander Girard could be my new favourite book. I think it's meant for kids, but it's just fine for adults too - bought from the gorgeous MCA Store after my scallops.

Back at home, I raided the craft cupboard (which is finally starting to deplete in it's supply) to make some budget friendly 'baby love' thank you cards. 

Have a great weekend - Briar


  1. Potato scallops are the best! You can't call them that in Victoria though, they look at you funny. They call them potato cakes.
    Such a cute book find. We have the Charley Harper colour book here, I love it (so does the kidlet).
    Your stationery is awesome. Hooray for crafty stash.
    Hope you're feeling well.

  2. You're stationery looks so cute Briar!


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