My Baby Shower

Future Baby Stanley and I were totally and utterly spoilt over the weekend by family and friends at a Baby Shower. My Mum hosted it in the backyard, and the weather was certainly on our side (you might remember me mentioning the house here).

Asking me not to have input in decorating any Baby Shower would be difficult - let alone my own (oh, so much fun)...and I have had a bit of spare time on my hands lately. I decided to spray paint farm animals grey and decorate the tables with old-school confetti and hot pink carnations in recycled food tins. Not sure why, really - I guess I just like colour, and I assume my daughter will too. In the timber box above are the home-made lolly bags.

 I certainly didn't go without in the food department (home made leek and goats cheese quiches, these chicken sandwiches and sausage rolls, thanks good-cook big sister and Mum), but the delicious soft cheese and Logan bubbly on offer was there to tempt me and for others to enjoy. Bring on the post-baby feast I say!

I had a handful of small guests too - and they made the most of a sunny day on the grass.

Special mention has to go to Bonnie the Baker (Hello, Vanilla Butter Cupcakes)!

And a huge thank you must go to everyone who came, and to my Mum, sisters and cousins who brought the day together. Also, to my 7 year old niece (and very excited cousin-to-be) - the 'official helper' on the day. I was going to post a photo of the beautiful pile of wrapped presents, but I thought that might be a bit crass. I can't tell you how fun it was unpacking all that loot in to the nursery though, I'll share it all with you soon!

- Briar x

PS. I should have posted the below photos earlier - just showing you the fun I had prepping. My sister and I cheated and bought the blank invitations (and just stuck in the middle part) from Etsy store, Rainy Day Colors.


  1. Cute! I love the invites and your grey farm animals.

  2. Oh what a special time.....looks like a day of pleasure! Good luck x

  3. I remember my baby shower when I was pregnant with Che. I sounded like a spoilt brat but I actually said to Daniel: "I'm really tired of opening presents."

    I adore the colour and frivolity. As for the presents - post soon please! x

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time. Excuse me for being so crass but SHOW US THE PRESSIES!! Hope your darling baby was spoilt!

    xo em

  5. p.s I was loving all over your insta feed today!

  6. lovely shower, you must feel very fortunate to have such a great family & friends. All the best, Briar!

  7. How lovely for you Briar and everything looked so beautiful ..... just saw your instagram shots from Bells, such a nice spot, we often drive over to Hardys Bay for long doggie walks, ac tually we are overdue !!!

  8. Oh my gosh, so cute! It looks like it was a beautiful day.


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