Doily Lampshade with Beattie

I was a student at the SCHOOL on Saturday, and it was such a lovely way to spend my morning. Our teacher for the class was the clever Miss Beattie Lanser, who owns a clothing label (and a cute shop up the road from me in Fairlight). Her lesson for the day was to teach us to make one of her Doily Designer Lampshades. Where was Mrs Megan Morton (school principal) back in the day? I'm sure I would have been an A+ student had my classroom looked more like this! The photos speak for themselves - we sipped tea, ate yummy biscuits, and chatted - it truly was so nice to be back at school.  Beattie will be hosting another class soon, so keep your eye on the calender. I also know Megan has some really fun things planned at the SCHOOL for Mothers Day - Sunday 13th May.

Pictured above are the lampshades almost finished. In a few days time, the glue will be dry and ready for the balloon to be popped. I will show you mine hanging at home soon.

I hope you all had a great weekend! - Briar


  1. looks so fun - I'm desperate to get to The School!

  2. That looks amazing... I so have to do a class there too. A couple of girlfriends and I are travelling to the dark side on Wednesday as can you believe we haven't checked out Koskela yet! Looking forward to a good coffee too. I hope you don't mind, I used that "peach" colour on my blog (had a little face lift). I just adore it. Also, I just noticed that gorgeous blue cushion in Baby X's room... It's a little like this one I was lucky enough to buy from Fine Little Day. http://www.etsy.com/transaction/74727695. Take care and will stop by again soon. Pxxx

  3. That's my kind of day, craft and cups of tea with biccies. I'm a lover of doilies so I love the shades. I look forward to seeing your end piece.

  4. Just reminded me that I have a million old doilies of my Nanna's. Hoping they're going to do another class soon!

  5. How fun, can't wait to see it finished Briar !!!

  6. Such a beautiful way to breath new life into old treasures


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