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 Words such as 'Go to dinner as much as you can now', 'Go to the movies every week', 'Get away for a few nights before the baby comes' are words my husband and I have heard often over the past few months from parents living with young people. So, we went away! We returned yesterday from three nights at Bells at Killcare on the NSW Central Coast. Hooly Dooly, what a place - we didn't want to leave.

We went exploring during the day: From my old favourite, Pearl Beach to an area I visited through out my childhood with my Central Coast based Grandma - The Entrance. I almost wish I hadn't gone back...I captured the peaceful Brisbane Waters photo, however I was saddened to see the suburb had almost frozen in time, and is looking a little neglected these days. I did love the blonde brick wall above though - deserted but pretty.

If you've been hanging with me over on Instagram, you would have already seen these photos...this is Mark happy with our Bells breakfast (beautiful flat whites, fresh juice, fruit platters and warm pastries). So good.

 Lemon and Lime Roses for sale at the Long Jetty cafe The Glass Onion Society. I'm told that you can make this happen by adding green food dye to the water of yellow roses. Who would have thought?

Sleepy, grey and wet Hardys Bay still managed to look beautiful. Going home was hard, that's for sure. I hope you have all had a great week!
- Briar


  1. Oh I love a little getaway....Bells looks divine :)

  2. Those roses are very cool!

  3. What a lovely break for you Briar, I love Bells, I want their veggie garden !!!
    What was the cafe at Long Jetty like ?

    1. Hi Mandy, the veggie garden is incredible! Cafe was great - we only had coffee though, but it felt
      very 'Newtown' with the op shop couches and coffee tables. It was busy for a Monday too!
      Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

  4. It looks amazing!! I am glad you got a chance to get away together, what an amazing part of the world. WOOT!

    So looking forward to this wee bebe arriving - how many weeks to go? x

    1. Hi Lexi! 3.5 weeks to go, not that I'm counting.down.the.days!!
      I'll be doing a big post tomorrow on the finished baby room (my obsession lately) - including a lovely cushion, make
      sure you check back in - it's a perfect match!!

  5. Oooh, glad to see you enjoyed a little respite up my way. I went to Bells for lunch on my birthday back in February. Best meal out I've had for ages. The treat and expectation made it more so, I think. And The Glass Onion Society, isn't it precious. Next time you're up, try The Bowerbird Project, in Gosford.


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