Narrabeen to Avalon

I experienced a day out recently with my also-expecting cousin that was so good it should be bottled (or at least documented on my blog). The next sunny day Sydney gets, I will very happily make the one you see here a groundhog day.

How have I never been to this paradise? Pictured above is Narrabeen Aquatic Reserve. No over the top descriptive words needed - just a 50m timber boardwalk and a gigantic sea pool. My kind of playground...and I think I know where you'll find me doing daily laps when I'm a grandma!

We floated and sunned our bumps. I don't often post photos of myself on the blog - but above is a very happy leopard-printed-big-belly-me at 32 weeks.

We both laid our turkish towels down on the day. If you haven't used one yet, you should give it a go - surprisingly absorbent and they take up so much less space in the cupboard and washing machine than the bulky beach towel. I'm a convert.

We dried off and made our way to lovely Avalon to have 'better for you' Bean + Sweet Corn Nachos with natural yoghurt from Healthy Chef Cafe. My cousin tells me Teresa's cookbook of recipes is her cooking bible at the moment.

We strolled around the shops of Avalon - spending extra time at the gorgeous Mark Tuckey. Home.

We finished our day trip with a visit to La Banette Patisserie. The baby and I highly recommend the Chocolate Éclair.



  1. This looks like a wonderful day.
    I really need to get out and do this myself one weekend soon......
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Tania Maree xx

  2. What a fabulous day, Briar! Love a good Sunday session, especially with dear family and friends. Wish we had the same beach culture here in Adelaide

  3. What a great way to enjoy a day in the sun. Wish I looked that good in a cosie at 32 weeks hehe!

  4. Hi Briar, that pool looks amazing - I haven't been to the beach in months. Think a Sydney/Northern Beaches jaunt is in order. Lovely post.

  5. Holy cow - it looks heavenly.

    And I am ever so glad you shared a bump shot. How gorgeous do you look?! Amazing lady.

    What is a Turkish towel? It sounds pretty cool. Where does one get a Turkish towel from?

    Lots of love, x

    1. Thanks Lexi!

      A turkish towel is also known as a Hammam. Check out this website -
      I love them as they are a piece of thin fabric but super absorbent. I've got friends that use them in the bathroom as well as the beach!
      I know Jac & Jack do a version of them in amazing colours - they are STUNNING but also pretty pricey....

      Happy Hammaming!
      Briar x

  6. Looks magical! As for you, you look fantastic!

  7. I love swimming there, I haven't been for so long .... Briar, you look amazing, just glowing !!!

  8. Congratulations! Your whole family is absolutely gorgeous. xx

  9. Loved the photos, so wonderful to finally see the sun out! Only just discovered the pool myself recently, obviously a well kept secret!

  10. I've just discovered your blog ... it's lovely ... so clever ... and so many beautiful photos .. thank you - I shall enjoy reading. I'm a northern beaches girl and I never knew about the Narrabeen Reserve - gorgeous- what a lovely day you must have had. x

  11. Great shoot!!Love the sea!!It's fantastic!!!

  12. Briar, love your blog! I am 28 weeks pregnant and off to Seminyak, Bali in 3 weeks! I am struggling to find a swimsuit, love you leopard print one piece where did you get this from if you don't mind telling?

    1. Hi...congratulations and lucky you - have you been to Bali before? I went last year - check out my post tagged 'Bali' - I outlined all my fave places...had an absoulte ball!
      I bought the cossie at Xmas just from 'Cotton On' ($30!!) the sides made it a perfect maternity cossie - but not sure how lucky you will be finding it now...sorry!


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