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I've been holed up at home the past few days with a shocker of a cold. Not one to sit still, I thought it was a good time to clear out the wardrobe for a Vinnies drop - which led to me cutting up an old sloppy joe and sewing my very first soft toy for the baby. Don't worry, I won't be giving up my day job - but I did find my crafty afternoon rather enjoyable.

Pictured above the 'red thing' is the dream catcher (I think he sort of matches it) I brought back from Bali last year.

Last week when I was feeling a lot better, I met a friend on a gorgeous Autumn day to see the much talked about Picasso exhibition. It was rather thrilling to be standing in a room with so many of his paintings, but is it bad to admit that I have never really loved his work? In saying that, it is astounding to see what he was up to as early as the 1900's - definitely a man before his time.

We also dropped in to see Art Express 2012. Again, we were really impressed - I especially loved this paper sculpture by Sydney Girls High School student Hannah Clements.
I hope you are all having a great week!
- Briar


  1. seems like everyone's had the cold. the toy is really sweet & i always love art express. thanks for reminding me it's on!

  2. sweet softie...that'll be a fave for sure (the tongue will get a good chewing!)

    i also like checking out 'youth' exhibitions. am always impressed with the standard (and think they feel a bit exciting and fresh)...there's a great youth portrait prize at the national portrait gallery every year called 'headspace' that i always look forward to.

    hope you feel better soon. lemon tea and early nights x

  3. I took the girls to see Picasso a few weeks ago. I'm not too hot for his cubist works however I just love his early portraits. A lady asked Haidee (4) what she thought about the exhibition to which she replied "I thought it was horrible and stinky."

    Out of the mouths of babes :)

  4. He's too cute, especially love the beauty spot!


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