All good things come in threes

Early on in my career in the film industry, I was advised by a more senior colleague that "film people don't cross over in to working on stills" (and the magazine industry). I decided not to listen to the advice - I just thought to myself that surely it's similar, once the sourcing has been done and you have the set up, isn't the only difference a camera goes click or a camera goes roll? This is where the superstylist Megan Morton comes in. I had just finished up on a long film and she gave me a chance to assist her on a Sheraton shoot for a week. Megan has ended up being a generous mentor and lovely friend to me in every sense of the word - and an extremely funny one at the same time. It was no surprise to me to be blown away during the week at the launch party of her latest venture. As the invite said - 'All good things come in threes'. You must all get to Rosebery - really, really soon. Below are my photos from the night.

Although you may have already heard - but the most exciting news from my whole blog post? Megan is opening up a school. 'We teach design, craft, styling and lifestyle topics to adults and children. Our classes work to trigger, continue and develop creativity. We offer you access to the best of the best in their field in small, encouraging workshops and classes'. So wonderful, make sure you sign up to this website so they can let you know when everything is ready.

You could hire the studio - with level ground access, it's kind of a stylist's dream...and how cute is the on-site set building workshop!

The Propery is back! It's as beautiful as ever - but this deserves it's own blog post on another day.

In the gigantic warehouse space you will also find the new Koskela showroom (there are over one hundred things that I want to buy) and the cafe Kitchen by Mike. As I said, get to 85 Dunning Avenue Rosebery, you could make a day of it. All good things truly do come in three.



  1. Yes!! How true, the best things do come in three's. Love love love the new space and the new refreshed propery! Especially loving it is but 5mins down the road from our studio. Could become my second home. Dangerous.......

  2. Agree - so brilliant.

    One of my highlights was meeting you in real LIFE!

    Tried to go to Kitchen by Mike this afternoon with the smalls - turned up at 3:47 - they told us they were closed. Pity their website said they close at 5pm. MEH!

  3. so good! That Megan, she's a clever chicken x

  4. what a busy weekend in Sydney - love megan and this is just perfect. x

  5. This space is amazing!!!!! I MUST learn more about The Propery :)

  6. What a great woman Megan Morton is .... I don't know her personally but a friend of mine does and says the same as you "one very funny, energetic woman" I really must pay a visit !!!


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