Bolts and Bolts of Fabric

I've got fabric samples coming out of my you-know-what at the moment, and it continually surprises me just how many fabrics houses are in Sydney (with literally thousands of fabrics). In the market from some re-upholstery or a set of fancy drapes? My top picks for an amazing selection of textiles and wallpapers are: Julia Garner, Seneca Textiles, Unique Fabrics, and the very popular Mokum (just one thing, you will just need to know someone 'in the business' to buy from all these guys*). One shop you can visit freely is Calico & Ivy in Balmain with a lovely range of quilting fabrics and yarn...plus very pretty merchandising. I finally got the chance to check it out this week, and was very impressed with the space.
* Don't forget Bargain Upholstery in Seaforth - fabric remnants etc. from the four places listed above, but at bargain prices.



The surprise rain in Sydney over the weekend called for some relaxing reading and movie watching at home (not completely true, I did manage a trip to Surry Hills for some serious Mexican taco goodness at El Loco on Saturday).

I think I actually prefer reading Vogue Living from the 1980's than the present day issues (is that bad?) - talk about genius styling and art direction gold above.

My husband brought this new magazine home, and I picked it up soon after. Smith Journal can be best described as Frankie for men...but a really interesting read for a girl too (and also beautifully art directed).

I'd be lying if I said I've cooked something from this book, I just really like the graphic cover. The recipes all sound a little time consuming for me. The chef of the house made a very yummy prawn and asparagus frittata on Saturday night though, and it was certainly easy to eat. As much as it was lovely to see the rain - I hope the sun is shining again next weekend, I did enough reading the past couple of days.

- Briar


Entertaining the little people

A busy week at work ended with an action packed weekend with two of the cutest little people I know. We were on babysitting duties for two nights. We could have maybe skipped the movie and shopping trip in hindsight - while I watched my nephew close his tired eyes over lunch today. We also filled our fun weekend with:

My husband kicking off Saturday with a lesson in knot tying. This activity unfortunately entertained the little people for a total of....two minutes.

Yum Cha was definitely a bigger hit.

As was a couple of hours on Manly Beach.

We dropped in on a ‘colouring-in station’ at recently re-vamped Manly Market Place (watch this space), and spotted this lovely bunting in between stalls.

On Sunday morning we visited my aunt and uncle for (amazing) scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. The eggs were courtesy of this fluffy chicken and co. that reside in my aunt’s backyard.

Sunday afternoon found us in another backyard for a birthday party at this lovely house...with bunting of a different kind made from vintage scarves, and a super-cute card I spotted on the present pile. I hope you all had a lovely weekend too...I just need to sleep mine off.



Publisher Textiles

I hope you are all having a good week. I was back in the land of sourcing wallpapers today, and let me tell you there is no shortage of lovely wall coverings in Sydney. The prize for the best showroom goes to Publisher Textiles in Leichhardt . The warehouse space seemed to have a new layer of 'things' since I last visited (I especially like their way of concealing desk clutter with a row of vintage books). My mum doesn't know it yet - but a metre of their Romance is Dead fabric in the last picture is coming her way...I fancy myself some new cushions for the spare bedroom. I will show you Lesley's clever work once her stitching session is complete. Oh, how I wish I could sew like my mum.


A mixed bag

Are you a person that knows how to switch off? I wish I was, but I'm not - and the first three photos indicate my version of a Saturday at home with nothing to do. After a big clean, I moved some pictures and an 'op shop score' mirror around (I love passing the Rachel Castle Heart in our hallway now). I also got some gardening done - with the help of a cute flamingo from Papier D'amour. Sunday saw me out of the house for lunch with family at The White House. My four year old nephew is developing quite the foodie palate it seems - we took our eyes off him for two minutes and most of the d'affinois cheese had disappeared. Good thing I guess, as the adults had room for the almond and orange cake my big sister had prepared (let me know if you would like the recipe). I hope you all had a great weekend.

- Briar


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