Christmas Giveaway with Miss Jones

Prize #1 is a bumper bone china pack that includes: 6 x Double Wing Ornaments, 6 x Bambi Deer Ornaments, 1 x Feather Bowl Large, 1 x Feather Bowl Small, 4 x Columbus Votives and 4 x Boston Votives. If you win, you can keep every last piece to yourself - or pass on to friends. The gift that keeps on giving!
Gift giving (and the wrapping part) is one of my favourite past times...especially at this time of year. Jennifer from Have You Met Miss Jones has come to the gift giving party by supplying me with the mother load of bone china and a beautiful necklace to give away to you - my lovely readers. What do you have to do to be in the running to win one of the two gift packs? I thought we could compile a big gift guide in my comments box - just let me know what's on your wish list this year, and feel free to leave a link too. I will pick two comments at random next Sunday, and a big box of goodies will be on their way to the winners.

Prize #2 includes a sterling silver Threadspool necklace from Miss Jones' new collaboration with bespoke fashion jeweller Gareth Hughes. Keeping with the thread spool theme, 4 x Thread Vases are also included in the prize.

Thank you Miss Jones (it's going to be hard to part with all the beautiful things, but after all, Christmas is all about giving back). I hope you all had a lovely weekend - and I really look forward to reading your comments.



  1. Wow! How exciting :) I love Miss Jones' beautiful pieces. I did want a coffee machine, but my darling came home with one as a surprise present yesterday! I guess I'll have to think of something else :)

  2. What a great idea. I am a huge fan of HYMMJ, i have several pieces scattered throughout my house.
    On my wish list this year is:
    Fake daschund (reminds me of my dog who lives with my parents)- http://www.downtothewoods.com.au/store/fake-daschund-brown
    Panama hat to keep the sun off my face over summer - http://www.thehatshop.com.au/products/%27Executive%27-Panama-Hat-%252d-Natural.html
    And (or) if santa is feeling overly generous this year, I would love a gift voucher to go towards a weeks detox from Eat Fit Food (to start after the silly season) - http://www.eatfitfood.com.au/

  3. I want "The Edible Balcony" by Indira Naidoo plus a selection of pots and plants to facilitate my balcony garden.

    I have a little wishlist on my pinterest:http://pinterest.com/elissac/elissa-s-wishlist/

  4. Wow, what an incredibly generous giveaway! We have been on such a tight budget this year that my wishlist includes kind of boring things like new bedding, picture frames, a laptop and digital camera, all of which I'm hoping to save up for next year. My silly wish is a cuisinart icecream maker :)
    I decorated my mantelpiece yesterday with a winter wonderland theme and wouldn't you know it, it includes a couple of beautiful Have you met miss jones pieces! So pretty.
    Thank you for the opportunity :)

  5. This is great! I love reading other readers wish lists! Top of mine this year is this mobile: http://www.pukapuka.com.au/collections/mobiles/products/sprout-modern-mobile-fire-orange

    That spool necklace is lovely! Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Saving for a trip next year also ....So here is just the start of my wishlist...Juicer, coffee machine, new summer perfume, new cute dress, new trainers, boxing gloves, new swimming costume, bow ties, a new book, foxtel, a haircut...

  7. Oh, what a great giveaway. I'm such a sewing tragic, so that second collection would be devine!

    I know what I want for Christmas, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it, but even better than I thought. I'd love a bike, so I can ride around with my kids, but I think I might be getting my mother in laws old bike from the 1970s. Aparently it's in great condition.

  8. My favourite WHITE! Just adore this giveaway! I feel quite childish wanting this at 29 but at the very top of my christmas wishlist is a Skateboard! The longboard cruiser kind and with aqua wheels! Second on my wishlist is more mature , any of the prints from Sweet William http://www.etsy.com/shop/lovelysweetwilliam
    Good luck all!

  9. Lovely giveaway and really enjoy your blog postings.

    Would love a Konro BBQ.


  10. oh so much white Christmas goodness here. My wish list???? Lululemon yoga pants, a box of goodies from lush, some sunshine and cuddles.

  11. This is just what I need to make me feel like Christmas is near (this weather is so crappy, hot water bottles in Summer??). From Santa I'd like GOOD QUALITY flippers, a snorkel and mask. Pruxxx

  12. oh, so darn pretty!
    As for my Christmas whish-list: a weekend camping with my family - the first Christmas (ever) that I wont have to rush around to 3 different gatherings and not actually get a chance to enjoy the day...so, camping away from the hustle, just me, hubs and the kids :)

  13. These pieces are gorgeous! I can't believe i've never seen them. Every year i find an angel piece for my mom as a christmas gift, the wing ornaments would be perfect for her!
    And what would I like? I've hinted a few times that I love this new Nikon camera... especially in pink:)

  14. What a fabulous giveaway!!!

    On my list is a pantone yellow iPhone case

    sibella's new book, nomad,.

    a bone 'bulls head ring'!

    dreaming!! xx

  15. What a fabulous giveaway.
    I would like Santa to give a pink bicycle with a cane basket on the front and a little bell.


    Now if I could just find one in Sydney at that price!

  16. Oh, how wonderful!
    My Christmas wishlist this year has a million and one items, but I will spare you all and let you know my top 3!
    Missoni Hand Towel to liven up our rather drab bathroom:
    Circle Shelf (most likely out of budget)to house & show off all my lovely bits and pieces: http://www.hardtofind.com.au/products/circle-shelf--%28three-shelves%29.html
    Little porcelain rings (they are so sweet):

  17. I love HYMMJ! This is so generous, thank you! On the top of my wish list are these gorgeous Hot Springs Cushions from Bohemian Home. Perfect for brightening up our couch! http://www.bohemianhome.com.au/products/hot-springs-cushion-covers

  18. I am obsessed with the Bone China!! & that necklace is gorgeous! I am hoping for a new pair of black Nike's for my gym sessions (oh & a cheese plate)! xx

  19. All I want for Christmas is to be pregnant. That's it. Oh, and health and happiness for my family.

  20. I love Miss Jones! I actually just bought 3 of the feather dishes (in different sizes) for an engagement pressie...
    On top of my Chrissy wishlist (not that I expect to get it as its a little out of the price range)is this fab tent! http://www.theglamcampingcompany.com/details_cozy.php?category=9&secondary=38

    Thanks so much!!

  21. I love HYMMJ too. I have a few pieces - and co-incidentally, this gorgeous shelf is all that is on my list. It would be the perfect place to display them (and a few more...)


  22. What a whole lot of pretty! I absolutely love it all. I compiled a gift list for Poppytalk at http://poppytalk.blogspot.com/2011/11/contributor-holiday-gift-guide-series_28.html
    Bye for now!

  23. i just want one thing an elk wallet to replace my old wallet which is such a disgrace I don't take it out of my bag !! oh and that bone china !! those wings x divine

    ps - the veitnamese meatballs were delicious !

  24. I was about to write my own xmas wish list, but honestly, I'm more excited about the gift list i've compiled for my Secret Santa recipient - this year I'm so excited to be buying for my cousin-in-law (-big family) because she has such a colourful, feminine style and loves to bake, decorate and entertain. Here's what on my shopping list;
    - Iced Tea jug & assorted tisanes from T2 (strawberries & cream is a favourite!)
    - a rainbow of brightly coloured O.P.I nail polishes
    - paper bunting in pinks and florals (Lark.com has some cute ones)
    - white lace-inspired cupcake skirts (from PaperEight.com)
    - "Afternoon Tea" cookbook, by Frankie magazine

    And hopefully I'll get invited over for a beautiful afternoon tea in the xmas holidays!

    Merry Xmas Sunday Collector & readers xx

  25. I think I should have been a man - I love all man things (except putting out the garbage)... considering surgery is not a viable christmas presents (and a little extreme), I wish for a 'a basics mechanics course' so I can potter comfortably in the garage and have the confidence to deal with vehicles and argue with mechanics - Cars... the one thing in my life I use every day, and know very little about!

  26. WOW have loved and given from HYMMJ. Should I win then the new gorgeousness will be shared with my girls.
    My wish list is topped with wishing for a wonderful day with my little family, four generations of us, filled with much love, huge hugs, lots of laughs plus all the Christmas trimmings.
    My girls say I'm a trick to buy for as I've got everything I need, so their gift surprises are always a thrill!
    Hope all your Christmas wishes come true Briar. xo

  27. Pretty much anything from the Rachel Castle bed linen range. The neon polka dots make me want to do a cartwheel! haha

  28. OH how I love Miss Jones's beautiful pieces, those angel wings are divine, I haven't been to her site for awhile but now I think my xmas shopping will be completed.

    On my wish list is a great holiday with friends and some time to paint, restore, and finish those crafty jobs that help make my house beautiful.

  29. Beautiful prizes! Top of my list is a vintage Jaguar, but I'd settle for 3 hours to sit and read without interruption ;-)

  30. A gorgeous giveaway, I love Miss Jones! I am dreaming of anything relaxing and pampering, a massage would be nice, oh and I wouldn't say no to anything from Polli. This little necklace has been on my mind:

  31. Thinking lucky ... thinking lucky .... thinking lucky. Kellie xx

  32. How gorgeous I only discovered your blog recently and so now i have also discovered Miss Jones, have fabulous love all the stuff on both sites. I would love to win the goodies.
    For Christmas I would love some Stripey or colourful Outdoor furniture, I love French Country Style or Coastal so anything that fits those categories, I do Love a table Cloth thats French Country. Also I would love some foodie treats. And I would love all my friends and family around. xx

  33. I don't have much of a wish list this Christmas.. But I would love a bright piece of Gorman. I love the colours and the cuts. So cool.

    Love this giveaway!

  34. Not much chance, but oh how I would love a pair of kelly green Humble Beginning pants from Sass & Bide!


  35. I have pink flamingoes from Kiosk on my wish list for Xmas but would LOVE an all white hamper too... hint hint!

  36. I posted my wish list today...
    I might get a book but otherwise probably not much hope, certainly not for the covetable loom rug! Love the beautiful things you're giving away. Fingers and toes :)

  37. For Christmas I would like a whole day without kids to spend with my crochetting friends, just making things, having tea and talking. The day would end with someone else cooking dinner too! Merry Christmas...

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Um, wow! That's like the mother load of Miss Jones. What a fabulous give away!

    On my wish list is the Piquot Ware K3 Kettle, to support my rather serious tea drinking habit.

    Hope you're well!

    Pele x

  40. I love Miss Jones what a fabulous giveaway!

    I wish for a beautiful white vintage milk jug xox

  41. Such a beautiful blog and such generous gifts. Last year I was in labour with my adorable second daughter (born 15 minutes into Boxing Day), so this year I look forward to sharing her first bonbon, along with my 3rd year old and very patient husband. Topping it all off would be an Il Bisonte carryall. Happy days indeed

  42. I am pretty sure I have been a good girl this year... So I am asking Santa for the Hay- Pinocchio, aka hundred and thousands rug which I spotted in one of you posts a few months back- want want want.

    Love your blog Briar!

    Alice xo

  43. My top wishlist item is this lovely leather travel bag from one of my favorite etsy sellers (I have one of her purses and my eye on another!) I went to get the link for you and noticed it was sold so fingers crossed that hubby made it happen ;P I'm waaaay overdue for a grown up overnight bag and since my man and I were lucky enough to get a steal (impossible cheap airfare and free housing) an escape to Miami in January I could really use some ladylike luggage - though getting to go to Miami with my man (a rare occasion away from our toddler and a chance to focus on one another) was really at the TOP of my Xmas list so I'm pretty happy regardless :)


  44. What a lovely giveaway!
    I don't usually get pressies at Christmas. Our family tends to pitch in to buy delicious food and wine, and presents for the children. Having said that though I have had my eye on a print from The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy. I would also love a new box set of pencils, a set just for me that won't get stuck in cups of water or used as pretend hair curlers. Yes, that would be lovely.

    Thankyou sweets,

    Alisa x

  45. Love the hymmj goodies! I would love a cuisinart ice cream maker for xmas so i can make delicious sorbets; ice creams and popsicles for everybody.I'm also hoping my sister and her nephew will come to visit from the usa in feb.We decided not to buy presents for each other so she can put the money towards her trip.It would be the best belated xmas present!!!


  46. What an amazing giveaway. I have 3 lovely origami style cranes from HYMMJ and I love them!

    For Christmas this year I would like a new wallet. It's practical but my husband bought me the most lovely one a few years ago that has just worn out. I'm hoping he can make another splendid choice this time.

    Maybe this one? http://www.hobobags.com/Rachel__Vintage/pd/c/29/np/29/p/1006.html

  47. Lauren wants a freezer full of Liana Raine (Blueberry/Basil) Artisan pops to see me through summer. Yum


  48. What a beautiful and generous giveaway...

    For Christmas I would love some lovely warm days, it's been so cold & miserable in Sydney! And to enjoy the sunshine? A hammock, a good book and a sparkling rose would help me to relax and soak it up.

    This hammock at REMO looks chic & comfortable, plus they have some great old fashioned amusements for the kids (so they leave Mommy alone!)


  49. oohh - such a delicious giveaway!

    For xmas I covet a bar cart so that I can host progressive dinner parties / cocktail parties for friends + family in 2012 ... the simple life! xx

  50. Id really love a bottle of Jo Malone Orange Blossom perfume for Christmas - the smell of summer

    Thanks for the great giveaway fun

  51. oh, these are all sorts of white goodness! i want the book 'the new artisans'. i love hymmj!

  52. All I want for Christmas is ... my own Basil Bangs gorgeous umbrella! It embodies the summers of today and of past childhood memories! http://basilbangs.com/

    Merry Christmas! May it be a sunny one!

    Clare :)

  53. I would love Father Christmas to bring me a nice chunky Dinosaur Designs bangle...fingers crossed...

  54. Where do I start... for me ..thanks for asking . beautiful fabric vintage packs from pinkvintage designs, for hubby ... an ipod docking station with pizaz...for kiddos .. anything that doesn't need batteries, back to me ... a george jensen ring (a girl can dream!)

  55. What a gorgeous giveaway!

    For Christmas, I'm hoping for some fun prints from PenelopeandPip.com to brighten up our home. They're so whimsy - my favorite is Ruby-Sue!!



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