Salvos to Parterre

I've been asked by a few people if I'm retiring from the blog world because of my posts slowing down lately. I promise you I'm not, it's just the film is taking up a lot of my time - and I'm not one to blog about something unless I'm feeling pretty excited about sharing it with you. To be honest, my days are being filled with lugging, driving, fun sourcing, and lots of office work/ filling in purchase orders... but the following did brighten my day:
I love it when I spot accidental (or purposeful) styling in op shops - I spotted these glass canisters against the ageing wall of Salvos Brookvale today.

The very un-styled bed at Parterre was so lovely in all it's 'n0-poufed cushions' glory.

The Slurpee while on the road - just in case any of you have forgotten how damn good these are. See you back here soon.

- Briar


  1. Thanks for inquiring about my domes, I'm disappointed it didn't work out, but it gave me a thrill for a bit! Am lovin your blog!

  2. I completely understand! Sometimes it's hard to blog when you're working on labour intensive shoots/filming, plus you can't really talk about them until after it's published. I love the "styling" of those old jars, and nothing like a good slurpee on a hot day. Good luck with the rest of filming!

  3. The jars are lovely but jars are always lovely. I think it's the promise of something good going into them that make them so. And slushies. Yummo. I've been drawn to taro milk tea with tapioca pearls of late.

  4. Those jars look great against the background and the simple display is just perfect. I like the fresh feel of your blog, really nice. xo


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