The surprise rain in Sydney over the weekend called for some relaxing reading and movie watching at home (not completely true, I did manage a trip to Surry Hills for some serious Mexican taco goodness at El Loco on Saturday).

I think I actually prefer reading Vogue Living from the 1980's than the present day issues (is that bad?) - talk about genius styling and art direction gold above.

My husband brought this new magazine home, and I picked it up soon after. Smith Journal can be best described as Frankie for men...but a really interesting read for a girl too (and also beautifully art directed).

I'd be lying if I said I've cooked something from this book, I just really like the graphic cover. The recipes all sound a little time consuming for me. The chef of the house made a very yummy prawn and asparagus frittata on Saturday night though, and it was certainly easy to eat. As much as it was lovely to see the rain - I hope the sun is shining again next weekend, I did enough reading the past couple of days.

- Briar


  1. The weekend weather was awful, wasn't it? Especially after those glorious few Spring days we had. I wish I could've settled in with a stack of mags, I was busy all weekend!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen vogue living's from the 80's but they look a little different to now : )
    Keep wondering if i should buy the Smith Journal too, no boys in my house but still.
    Hope the weather is on the improve! I will be visiting sydney in a few weeks, I wondered if have any suggestions of where to visit/eat?
    Have a great week.

  3. I bought Smith Journal the other day, I really like it !!!

  4. Love that Vogue cover and double page spread of fabulousness! Will have to check out Smith Journal - looks like an inspiring mag.


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