New Loot

A busy week ended with three big days in Melbourne. It's gift trade fair time, and the walking shoes were on for the the km's of wholesale traders. Pictured below are some of my favourites. If French country chic is your thing - it was absolutely every where, but I think Perfect Pieces were the people doing it well this year.

The fun tea sets from Outliving have stuck in my mind...I love the cake stands.

The girls at Ourlieu have made some lovely paper lanterns.

I can never walk past a budgie. The tapestry on melamine variety is available from Douglas & Hope

Super cute Sydney Ferry on wheels from Make Me Iconic

As always, Tractor Home was filled to the brim with pretty. I love the recycled wire range.

The lovely girls at Poppies for Grace win the prize for a crafty stall.

Melbourne gave me an inspirational weekend, and I must add that the first photo is of the 'Renegade Fair' signage that we discovered down an alley way, after a hint from this cool chick. Now, it's time to sort through my 'I ate here' photos. See you back here soon.

- Briar


  1. Ooooooohhhh Yes I love the cake stands indeed. I will check out Outliving now and Poppies for Grace so pretty!!! Love their stuff.

  2. I love these photos. The colors have this great pop vibe. And yes, those cake stands are lovely.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  3. Nice ... loving that wire range !!!
    Must say I'm a bit over the French country thing.

  4. I love this post - and am a little bit in love with Make Me Iconic's toy range and the recycled wire range from Tractor Home. Very cool... feeling inspired!

  5. @MANDY
    I agree Mandy - but it looks like shabby chic is coming back in store in a big way?!?

  6. Love love love those teapots! And they seem really cheap? I had to send the picture of the budgie plates to my budgie photographer friend Leila. Kellie xx

  7. I LOVE angus and celeste. I have one of their vases, so pretty.

  8. ooooh what a fabulous round up, thanks Briar! I couldn't go this year as I'm overseas - you definitely picked the best of the bunch x

  9. Oh Melbourne. I miss it! Looks like a pretty fab show. Love Poppies For Grace and those hanging planters.


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