Crinkle Fans

Lunch at home today: I jumped at an excuse to use the crinkle fans from BHLDN that arrived in the post recently (I could shop on that website for hours - everything is so beautiful). My husbands version of the Boathouse snapper pie (his best batch to date in my opinion) was on the menu - and I was in charge of dessert for 6. After a late night on Saturday, I went for the easy option of Gelatissimo gelato and waffle cones...serve yourself style. Big hit, if I do say so myself.

On a different note, my little blog that documents my day to day job is struggling for content a little lately as I'm technically not allowed to talk about the film* I'm working on. The job wraps up in December, so I'll be free to talk shop after that. Until then, I'll continue blogging what I've been blogging - thank god my husband can cook, that's all I can say.
* Read more about the film here, which is allowed - because chances are half of Sydney has read it too.
- Briar


  1. What a pretty setting! Your dinner looks fantastic. My husband is the "cook" around here too...I just bake. ;)
    As for your blog, I love it. I find it tricky when I can't post stories I've shot, as well, until the mag has published. You are such a talent, that everything you do looks fab!! Keep on doing what you're doing.

  2. I'll bet you're working crazy hours too - I'm amazed at what you get up to in between working... take it at your own pace, we'll still be here!

  3. Your job must be fun though! (PS, Gelatissimo gelato is the bomb, especially the dairy free chocolate!)

  4. What a great gig!
    It must be frustrating not to post pics from your days at the moment.


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