An ugly job

I had a chuckle to myself tonight while sorting through iPhoto when I came across these two photos from nearly two years ago. When I explain to people what I do for a living, the response is often 'Oh wow, that's exciting'. 90% of the time it honestly is pretty fab. Then there are the 'hiccup' jobs like the one above that takes me to a very dark place/memory. 6 weeks in a cold factory out west creating a 200 page catalogue for a client that will remain anonymous. But, do you know what? I wouldn't take the experience back. I learnt so much in that six weeks, working with an old-school photographer and a client that was truly passionate about wanting packs of frozen peas to look 'luscious'. The moral of my post? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger....or at least gives you a laugh two years later.
- Briar


  1. Briar, I'd love to give your job a whirl. Anything that involves a creative eye and a paycheck is right up my alley, lol. Though hanging around a damp, dingy factory doesn't sound quite as glamorous.

    <3Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  2. The worst jobs always teach you something. I remember spending a week filling hundreds of jars with lollies and tying a pretty bow and note on top. Everyone thought all those lollies were heaven - I don't like them and that was just cemented by the experience.

    But it did teach me a lot about what goes into putting things like that together and has helped me no end in planning promotions since.

  3. Hahah this post is an inspiration, especially for someone just starting out in the industry! x

  4. Not bad for a beginner. A for effort.
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