The next time you find yourself looking for something fun to do on a sunny day in Sydney, promise me you will consider the following for an outing: Jump in the car, drive to Palm Beach and hire a boat ($120.00 for 2 hours for a cute boat that can take up to 12 people) from Barrenjoey Boating Services. Don't worry - you don't need to be a seafaring person, the boats go so slowly, so you only need a car drivers licence - or, my 7 year old niece. Putt around Pittwater like we did and choose your favourite waterfront home (it's good to dream). Once the cruising is complete, grab a table at flower-filled The Boathouse for a late lunch. The lovely day comes with a word of warning though - it makes you want Monday to be so very far, far away.
- Briar
PS. Hello and congratulations to Laura from Kit & Nancy, the First Birthday Lucky Dip will be coming your way.


  1. oh, this looks like my perfect sort of day....will definitely try and do this next time we're in Sydney.

  2. oh my goodness...1. what an amazing sunday (love those flowers and fruit at the boathouse) and 2. yaaaaaay! thank you so much. emailing you my address now. that's made my day! xx

  3. ooh that sounds like perfection! i think i'll put that at the top of the list.

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