The weekend with a new camera

I spent the week helping at the last minute to dress some sets on the new television series of Underbelly. If, like me, you really got in to the first series, but lost interest with the second and third, promise me you will re-visit the fourth series, Underbelly:Razor. Set in 1920's Sydney, my colleague (and friend) Rob Wood has done a beautiful job of decorating the sets, and the scripts are great. It was with rather tired eyes on Friday night I got to play with my new camera. I'm planning to do a course (let me know if you can recommend a good one in Sydney) to really make the most of it. That didn't stop me from snapping with it around the house, and for the rest of the weekend...

'New York City in a bag' given to me by my cousin from here.

Dried 'Craspedia' flowers on the bookshelf, from this wedding.

Thrift purchases and a lamp from IKEA.

Impressive pies served to us at a dinner party in Surry Hills on Saturday night (that girl sure can cook).

Sunday Breakfast with Mum here. Whatever you all got up to - I hope you had a great weekend.
- Briar


  1. The Australian Centre for Photography offer some pretty decent courses, as does the National Art School, but they are fairly expensive.

  2. Happy shooting! My husband LOVES Underbelly. He watched all three seasons over the space of a couple of weeks. I haven't watched yet...but I will at some point!
    Those little pies looks so good ;)

  3. I bought this camera a month ago, and I am a little bit in love with it! Enjoy whiling away the hours.

  4. i bought a new camera 2 months ago. simply love it. Happy new week to you!

  5. I'm the same Briar, I have been wanting to do a course forever now, I remember reading about a day course on a Saturday, everyone meets at Hyde Park and goes from there, it was pretty reasonable too (I shall look into it more) ...
    Underbelly ... I think a 1920's one would be wonderful, a better class of gangster back then don't you think ?

  6. that must have been a fun experience to help on the set, that is very cool!

  7. I am looking forward to the new series. I have an early 1930s frock I found on the floor of a Lifeline op shop that I need to hem and I want to get it done before the series starts. I am thinking themed dinner party to watch the series. We used to have them at my uni share house for Melrose Place back in the day and I think it's time to rock out a TV-themed dinner do.

  8. @katiecrackernuts
    Love the themed dinner party idea! The costumes on this are really impressive - Channel 9 have thrown money at it like it deserves, think you will be impressed. Oh, Melrose Place...those were the days!

  9. @Nat @ dear little house
    Thanks Nat for your tip - I looked in to it, and it is pretty expensive, but most likely worth it. I am looking at a cheaper community college also. It's like I just need an intensive 2 hour lesson to work out all the buttons!


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