Mark's Ravioli

Thanks for all your lovely comments and emails re. my new job. It really is so lovely to read your support and excitement for the film. On a different note, it's guaranteed to be a good day when my husband gets his pasta maker out and cooks up a storm. You might remember the table setting and menu for a lunch we hosted recently, but I completely forgot to share this dish with you. It's kind of a fiddly dish, but if you master it, your lunch guests will think you are really clever (yes, clever Mark - I'm talking about you).

1 quantity home-made pasta dough - email me if you would like the instructions for this part.Roast Pumpkin, Sundried Tomatoes and Fetta filling
500g butternut pumpkin, peeled, chopped
100g crumbled fetta cheese
100g chopped sun dried tomatoes
Bunch chopped herbs (basil and continental parsley)
Season with sea salt and cracked pepper to tasteGarnish
Kalamata olives
Rocket leaves
Parmigiano Reggiano
Good quality olive oil

Preheat the oven to moderately hot (200°C/180°C fan forced). Place pumpkin on a lightly oiled tray; roast for about 40 minutes or until pumpkin starts to slightly darken in colour. Allow to cool then mix ravioli filling ingredients well in a bowl. Roll dough to the thinnest setting on a pasta machine. As soon as the dough is rolled into sheets, prepare the ravioli – don’t allow the pasta to dry out. Roll two sheets at a time and keep the remaining dough wrapped in plastic. Place the pasta sheet on a flour-dusted surface. Place rounded teaspoons of filling about 5cm apart in 2 rows, 2cm from the edges. Brush around the filling with a little egg wash (lightly whisk 1 egg white with a touch of salt). Place another freshly rolled pasta sheet on top. Press around each piece of filling to exclude the air. Cut into squares or rounds using a knife or cutter. Place ravioli on a tray dusted with a little flour. Add ravioli, in batches, to a large pan of boiling salted water; simmer, uncovered, until pasta is just tender, about 3 minutes; remove from pan with a slotted spoon.
Assemble torn rocket leaves, chopped olives then drizzle generously with olive oil. Then place Parmigiano-Reggiano flakes over the top.

An extra tip from the chef: Serve with an Eden Valley Riesling or a young Hunter Semillon (Or if you are like me, a light Rosé works a treat too).
- Briar


  1. Oh yum! This makes me drool, Also I now feel like I need a second tea!! xox

  2. Wow! Good for Mark! I tried using a pasta maker, but my teensy arms couldn't take it. Thanks for the recipe and the pics - I'm going to attempt to make it this weekend. Looks soooo good.

  3. I love home made pasta! As soon as we've put in the new kitchen the pasta machine will be unpacked. There's just no room for it now :( Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe!

  4. I'm in love with a pasta making man too. Apparently I brag a lot about it. But I don't care .... x

  5. the ravioli sounds and looks fantastic! just letting you know i've awarded you a versatile blogger award. see my blog.
    cheryl x


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