Treasure Hunting in Bali

It was so hard getting to the airport on Friday night and actually leaving Bali after such an amazing 10 days. My camera was in overdrive all week - instead of bombarding you with a thousand photos all at once I'm going to spend the week sharing my list of top picks. First off the rank is Potato Head Beach Club - recently opened on Seminyak Beach, we visited three times we loved it so much.

The facade of the building features over 10,000 original Dutch colonial-era shutters sourced from all over Indonesia. As you can see, the interiors didn't disappoint either.

Gorgeous merchandising in the store downstairs, Eleven.

I love these chairs - buy similar at Doug Up on Bourke.

If you do get to visit, order a Kookaburra cocktail and sip it on your own daybed by the pool. You will feel kind of famous.

PS. The miniseries I worked on at the end of last year starts tonight on the ABC. Tune in to Paper Giants : The Birth of Cleo at 8.30pm. It's been getting some great reviews.


  1. wow..the shutters are amazing!
    cheryl x

  2. Great to hear you had such a fab time in Bali. Love the facade with the shutters, that is really amazing.

    ps. I was thinking of watching Paper Giants tonight, so now I will just have to, to see your handiwork!

  3. Oh I love a new place to check out! Got any more? We leave for Bali in 3 weeks. Getting very excited. Love those wooden file cabinets, they'd fit very well in to my life.

  4. Love the shutter facade! One of my Easter weekend jobs is to give ours a fresh coat of paint. Motivated to do so even more now! Looking forward to seeing more pics.

  5. Great article, the shop Eleven is gorgeous!

  6. I wish I could see Paper Giants! Will have to try to track it down.
    Love your pics. That shutter facade is incredible. Those chairs, that store Eleven, it's all too fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your pics. Glad you're back in action.

  7. Postscript to above comment.

    Loved Paper Giants last night, gorgeous 1970 style you created. Looking forward to part 2 tonight

  8. Potato Head looks amazing - a good enough excuse to get myself back to Bali!
    Wow - you worked on Paper Giants? what did you do particularly - would love to hear more. I thought it was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. x

  9. Glad you liked Paper Giants Kimberlee! I was the Props Buyer/Set Dresser on it - was a fun job sourcing all the furniture and props for the early 70's! Briar x

  10. sounds wonderful! and I love those shutters, beautiful colours : )

  11. oh, they all now stand side by side in one facade! these brave shutters that in so many moonrises have opened up to let in the light and closed down to hide the darkness away! eye witnesses to all the days gone by an era of colored antiquity...

  12. Hi, I posted your article at Potato Head Beach Club FB page. Thanks a lot i really enjoyed reading it. Come visit us again on your next Bali travels.
    Emmelyn-Public Relations PH Jakarta

  13. Well done on Paper Giants the sets were amazing.

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