Sea Circus

I've got another gem from the island of Bali today. The welcome drinks for the wedding were held in the heart of Seminyak at Sea Circus. Don't you just love the name of this place? Says 'instant fun' to me.

The sweet collection behind the bar.

Natural timber tables decorated simply with tiny tins of flowers.

This is Tristan, an old friend of mine. He encapsulates how we behaved all holiday - lots of relaxed laughter with funny friends. Kind of like schoolies, but with older kids.

I recommend the milk bottle carafe of Pimms to get you through the Bali humidity. The Wolf Pack is also yummy {Absolut Vodka and Cointreau spiked with lemon, 3 tropical juices and kaffir lime}.

The prettiest louvers I have ever seen.

I'll always snap a photo of a bathroom I like, and this one was no exception.

The wedding party was welcomed with open arms by the gorgeous co-host Charlie - check out the super cute Sea Circus blog here. I'd recommend visiting for breakfast or a fab cocktail, anytime of the day, really - it's just such a lovely place.


  1. Those louvers ARE awesome! Looks like you had a great time on your holiday :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures looks like your having a lovely time.
    You seem to have found some fab trinkets.

    Abigail x

  3. I too have fallen in love and blogged about Sea Circus...such a shining beacon of colour, fun and great food x

  4. Oh my gosh you lucky thing, great pics thanks for sharing, absolutely beautiful colours, love the bathroom in particular.

  5. Loving the Bali pics Briar, what an amazing holiday!!

  6. I remember reading about this place ... lucky you getting to go there, looks great and I always love your bathroom shots !!!

  7. Really loving all these images - how cool is the bathroom, the towels look divine.


  8. You've sold me on Bali! I'm so happy you're sharing heaps of pics. Love them.


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