Dream Catching

We certainly ate our way around Bali, but I managed a healthy dose of shopping too. The 'heart flutter' I mention in my blog introduction was in full force last week when I found the hand woven dream catcher above. I spotted a smaller one in a beautiful shop display and ended up getting vague directions to find 'Bananas Batik'. Off I went - I walked, asked a second shop owner, and walked some more. Finally, the sixth shop owner knew exactly where Bananas Batik was. And there she was - in the upstairs workshop, amongst about 40 other individually designed dream catchers. It was a tough choice, but I'm happy with the yellow beauty that now hangs on the wall. Back to the previously mentioned shop, Jewel Rocks - this is definitely a store to visit, above are photos of their eclectic displays and my new little collection - perfect gifts for people back home. Visit Bananas Batik / Jalan Raya Seminyak 17A Bali-Indonesia


  1. the dream catcher is indeed gorgeous,... all that lovely lemon yellow,.... you should have bought a bunch of them back! pjx

  2. Oooo this makes me really want to go to Bali!
    Good to have you back though Bra

  3. LOVE the dream catcher! What a score!!

  4. Such beautiful and inspiring shots. Sounds like an idyllic getaway!

    Oh man, I LOVED Paper Giants. I wish it would go on, I loved it so much. Asher Keddie was perfection. Now I'm going to dive into my wardrobe for some 70s inspired lovin'.

  5. Your images of Bali are so inspirational, I'm loving your finds and im already dreaming of my trip..... without the kids! Thank you!

  6. Thank you for the Bali tips. I'm off there in June for a writing course and it's been decades since I was there last!! Love your dream catcher...such beautiful colour and texture and interesting 'bits' :)

  7. Hey B - I just LOVE the dream catcher! Lize


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