A week of shopping

I've had a great week sourcing props and furniture for a television commercial we are shooting on Saturday and Monday. A 'buying' day can't begin without a handbag containing the following: Camera, Petty Cash, Tape Measure and Notebook. Simple, really...but without them, I might as well stay at home. I file away the receipts from my purchases like they are liquid gold, misplace those receipts, and I'd have an expensive little day on my hands. The brief for this particular job is a lovely one - decadent kitchens and dining tables with delicious feasts. First stops were shops like the The Bay Tree and Parterre, and how gorgeous are the Mud Australia teacups? I feel a bit like a walking and talking gift guide sometimes, there are so many good little presents out there (for you and me).


  1. Love those hanging chairs and the mud teacups are so beautiful ... you really have the best job !!!

  2. You definitely have the most amazing job it must be wonderful! I love those wire baskets, where did you find them? Love the tea cups too, mud do such beautiful colours.

  3. That brief sounds so up your alley! I work in advertising sometimes too. But I source the people - actors, models - "warm props" :))))))

  4. So beautiful... I love the antique terracotta pots. I miss treasure hunting in Sydney - I guess now I can get my fix through your blog!

    Claire x

  5. Thanks for your comments girls. Catherine, the wire baskets are from Donna Hay General Store.

  6. Oh I do love Mud too. Such joyful colours combined with such fragility.

    And I LOVE Donna Hay's General Store. It's so easy to go a little beserk in there.

    Love this glimpse into your days.

  7. Oh my, those teacups are just delicious! x


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