Old Gold

My love affair with gold began as a 7 year old when I asked Santa for a gold signet ring. (It was the crazy 80's, remember). The 'Briar' has started to fade, but the love for gold stays. I'm enjoying wearing more of it again, and I love to have hints of gold around the home. I would like to one day own a set of fabulous gold cutlery, just because. In the meantime, I'm happy to settle for a block of Cadbury Old Gold - a big time favourite.



I've previously mentioned my mum here, and since semi-retiring - she has put her sewing and craft hat back on. Lately, she's been making 'critters'. The one above made it home to me and he has settled in our spare bedroom. My mum is so clever.



I've enjoyed reading two new publications recently. One little, and one big (in page size). Emma and John at Sweets Workshop have published the first edition of 'Food Fight' - which is all about food, accompanied with beautiful illustrations and words. My kind of publication. I particularly love the food illustrations by fellow blogger Dawn Tan. On to the big mag - which is really like an inexpensive and beautiful book...Frankie magazine has produced SPACES. It's a little like this book but with many more Australian interiors. Can anyone tell me how I can get my hands on the corn cob table? I want one.



The delightful terrariums created by Paris based Grow Little remind me of my own attempt at a terrarium over a year ago. Sadly, I only had these two photos on file before it became a fish bowl. (My plants got a little on the sick side after a couple of months). There is a real science to making a miniature indoor garden that thrives - and back in 1842, the inventor - Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward made them hugely popular during the Victorian era. I think it's lovely they have made a comeback. Who says apartment dwellers can't be gardeners?


Pass the salt?

I know it's bad for you - but I'm a bit partial to the pinch of salt. Combined with pepper, and you are half way to making the perfect dish - in my world. The timber Ikea PS SPRAKA spice mill is a new addition to our kitchen and it's been grinding pepper at every meal. The gardeners salt is from the lovely online shop Plain & Simple, and the pink salt with grater from Simon Johnson just looks really pretty, don't you think? My husband used the above accompaniments when cooking with my mum's baked ocean trout recipe this weekend, and it was delicious.


Boho & Found

It kind of felt like I celebrated Christmas back in September with all the festive shoots I worked on. Above are two of the six Christmas trees I styled for Real Living, out now. I was asked by the editor, Deb, to create a 'found objects' tree. Being a keen collector - It was so much fun to create...I mentioned it here. I also couldn't resist the decorations on offer at Ruby Star Traders this year - which had me sorted for the 'boho' look. The beautiful real tree is from Leo at The Dural Christmas Tree Farm. Leo encourages you to come out and he will chop down your tree, just like in the movies. Photography by Maree Homer.


Good Guacamole

Mexican food. You either love it or hate it. I'm a such a big fan, I think I was born with a corn chip in my hand. Pictured above is how to make an effortless but delicious guacamole. Since getting a Bamix for our wedding, my 'signature dish' has become even easier. Always on the hunt for a good Mexican restaurant, my favourite at the moment is Malibu Mex in Bodalla, NSW South Coast. Please let me know if you have a new favourite. And, to my Guacamole loving friends: Simply combine 4 avocados, 1 diced spanish onion, 2 tbls light sour cream, 2 tbls salsa, dashes of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces, the juice of a fresh lime and salt and pepper.


Thongs and Flip Flops

The sun was out in full force this weekend (finally), which made it perfect weather for busting out the Havaianas. On a walk around Manly, I spotted the lovely public artwork Flip Flop Art Fence in Whistler Street. Created by artist Angela van Boxtel - the public is encouraged to contribute by decorating and submitting old thongs. Artist John Dahlsen is partial to using the odd thong too - seen here in his Absolut bottle that was part of the 2004 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. Love some good upcycling.


The Perfect Location

A big part of my week has been spent at this time capsule of a home in Vaucluse. Untouched fittings and original furniture made the job for the Art Department that little bit easier - we were asked to create a family home from the early 1970's. The perfect location - with the perfect view. As you can see, I am also still loving red brick.


My Messy Room

I shop for a living - so when it comes to Christmas present buying, I tend to put it off until the last minute. Come the final weeks of December, I will be definitely visiting my favourite childrens shop, My Messy Room in Summer Hill. It's always brimming with gorgeous clothing, books and 'things' for the little people in your life. (How cool is the vintage wallpaper, too?) Do what I like to sometimes do, and visit Baby Cakes on the way home. Just beware - you may want to eat 20 of those bite size delights.


True Blue

My weekend was spent under very blue skies in Townsville, North Queensland. I had never visited before and was pleasantly surprised by the sleepy town. Beautiful old Queenslander architecture, lush greenery and beachfront - combined with a growing city (that serves decent coffee) - it's definitely worth a visit. Note to self: Must try and see more of Australia. Next on the list is Tasmania. Has anyone visited there, and would you recommend the trip? In the mean time, I can dot out our future travels with the 'map' wrapping paper purchased from Papier D'Amour.


Cleaver's Apartment

I hope some of you tuned in to watch Rake on the ABC tonight (or last night if you are a lovely subscriber and reading this on Friday). I worked on the television series earlier this year and above are images I snapped of Cleaver Greene's (Richard Roxburgh) apartment just before shooting began. As you can see, he's not the most house proud of characters - but he certainly has spunk. The 'layered' apartment was a set, built from scratch at Screen Australia's Lindfield studios.


The Office

On the rare occasions I am back at the office, you will find me at a mediocre desk with a camera plugged in to my MacBook, a cumbersome grey printer, and an over sized Telstra phone that has way too many buttons. Surely, life at the office was calmer back in the day - and your desk accessories far more attractive. It was 'Show and Tell' time at work today. (The meeting with the Director when the Art Department displays all the exciting loot that has been sourced over the past month). As you can probably tell, we are re-creating an early 1970's office - and this is a handful of what's spilling out of storage. If you want your desk to take on a Mad Men vibe, Mitchell Road has some great things at the moment.



Looking back at my photos from the weekend, it's safe to say we ate our way through the two days. A visit to the homes of family and old friends in Dulwich Hill and Leichhardt was made even better with the food on offer. My husband and I always seem to eat well back in the 'hoods where we grew up. The chow available on the main strip in Dulwich Hill got a lovely write up in the New York Times a few years ago too.


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