On my sourcing travels, I often take quick photographs of signage I spot. One thing is for sure - we don't do it like we used to. It would be wonderful if more buildings of today had signage like some of the original designs you see above, don't you think? Image 1/Hurlstone Park, Image 2/Hurlstone Park, Image 3/Waterloo, Image 4/Burwood, Image 5/Gosford, Image 6/Rozelle.



When the confused weather sorts it self out and makes the shift in to Summer, I am looking forward to passing time on our new outdoor cane. Purchased for $50 from Brookvale Salvos and given new seat cushions thanks to Europa Upholstery (the look influenced by my current attachment to grey and yellow), it will be perfect for watching my beloved succulents grow.


The Gabby and Briar House

Pictured above is my old home - back when a good friend and I were living the bachelorette dream in Rose Bay. (We thought so, anyway). It's also my first published styling job. Yen Magazine shot our little art deco flat and I talked about decorating it with purchases from thrift stores. Not much has changed - except I may have slowed down a little with the thrift shopping. I remember the bulging boxes after moving out warranted a store at Rozelle Markets - a real treasure trove worth a visit every Saturday and Sunday. Images by the lovely photographer Anthea Williamson.



I purchased a 1960's navy blue Oroton handbag for a film prop this week and on closer inspection back at the office, found a little place card inside. I like to think that the last time Mrs Joan Mahers used the bag was at a beautiful wedding. The lovely vintage music garland is from Emerald+Ella.


Appian Way

On the way home from school as a ten year old, my step dad took me on a small detour to show me Appian Way in Burwood. The street that seems to appear out of nowhere has been filed away in my mind ever since. It has an interesting history - it was a model housing estate conceived by a wealthy gentleman, George J.Hoskins. Built between 1903 and 1911, the estate of 36 Federation houses was developed to be a 'long-term investment to be occupied by selected tenants of appropriate standing'. La de da. What really makes this street stand out is all the original (and stunning) houses surround an oval shaped village-green complete with mini club house. To this day, it's privately used by the residents of the street. Talk about a good place for a party.


Santa Maria Tiles

Imagine the day you own the grand old house of your dreams. When it comes to refurbishment, there is a small problem...chipped and missing tiles. Joe at Santa Maria Tiles in Randwick is a professional collector of old tiles dating from the early 1900's. You can visit the shop with the towering boxes or simply post a sample of your tile and he will try and match it with an 80% success rate. There are multiples in many designs, so you can always start your tiling from scratch. Now, just to get that house.


Central Coast

I spent a day at work last week that felt more like hanging with a friend on a fun Saturday. The film I have started working on has the Art Department entrenched in the 1970's. A colleague and I left Sydney with an empty van and hit up the thrift stores on the NSW Central Coast. The day was filled with such exciting finds - friendly service, whimsical merchandising, and best of all...dirt cheap prices. The shops don't try and be antique dealers like some of their Sydney cousins. The best stop was saved for last, Bibles for Missions in Asquith - definitely worth the trek if you want to load a van.


Swizzle Sticks

The silly season is just around the corner, and I'm looking forward to getting out my collection of colourful swizzle sticks. A cocktail I am keen to try at home is one I tried at China Beach. Simply combine freshly juiced green apples with a little bit of lime juice and cinnamon with Wyborowa and Zubrowka vodkas. (Or, just your favourite vodka would be fine, I'm sure). It's the fresh green apple juice that made it so memorable. Drink up.


For Sale

Similar in style to this house, a little slice of Berry is up for sale. Just putting it out there. Can you imagine owning this? If you can, call Nicholas at Elders Berry.



The word ragù is derived from the French word ragout which translates to stew. This was one good stew. Combined with my husbands fresh pasta, it's safe to say it was the best I have ever tried. We found Rosa and Maria's recipe in Good Living.


Beach Shacks

One of the things that makes Tuross Head extra special is the collection of original cottages that dot the sleepy streets. Just think what you could do with some of these gems. It reminds me of the pastel line up at Hyams Beach Seaside Cottages. Definitely worth a visit next time you are cruising the South Coast of NSW.


Road Trip

I am lucky enough to be enjoying a few nights this week on the NSW South Coast - hanging with my mum and step dad (and little niece and nephew) at their house in Tuross Head. Pictured above are some of the lovely things we saw on the way down. I dropped in to Roots & Wings Design in Berry - the ivy on the facade of the building draws you inside to even more beautiful merchandise. Check out the recently launched shopping website. On the way back to the car, I passed the delightful signage at Berry Printers (would love to get my hands on some of their original stamps). I then bought a few too many lollies for the little people from The Rainbow Lolly Shop in Milton. The road trip was finished with meeting two donkeys. (Nicknamed Gloria and Eeyore by my three year old nephew.)



Birthdays, new baby bumps and friends from out of town was a perfect excuse to host a BBQ yesterday. I also put on the baking apron to make the white and red cupcakes you see above. Our vintage Butterfly Chairs (designed in Argentina in 1939) are always popular - perfect to kick back in the sun with a glass of bubbly. We got new canary yellow covers made last Christmas from Muumuu. I made the cushion from a vintage tea towel - determined to be a good sewer like my Mum one day. Practice makes perfect I guess.


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