Tomorrow When The War Began

Last year I spent over 4 months working with a great crew on the Australian film Tomorrow When The War Began. Having been a fan of the book as a teenager, I was thrilled to be able to help bring it to the big screen. As a props buyer and set dresser, many weeks were spent scouring shops in Sydney and Newcastle for furniture and props (the beautiful and the everyday). I thought I would share a few of my sourcing photos with you - images like these with measurements and hire prices were printed and presented at the end of each day to my very talented Set Decorator, Beverley Dunn. The movie will be released on Thursday (very exciting). I hope you all have it pencilled in the diary.


Duck Egg Blue

I made a visit to beautiful Quintessential Duck Egg Blue in Balmain last week, only to find it coincided with the opening day of it's fashion boutique, Duck Egg Blue, which has found a new location. Both the stores stock super stylish and unique items - one with industrial and antique objects for the home, and then outfits with sparkle for your wardrobe only a few doors down. One thing that shines across the two stores is UK designer Deborah Bowness' wallpaper, which you can order through the stores. I really want that clock and phone.



It was at a housewarming party over 5 years ago that I first realised this guy really knew his way around a spray can - when my sister and her husband invited him to paint a wall in their warehouse space while the guests partied on around him. It was certainly memorable entertainment. Numskull experiments with typography and pop icons to create bold art with humour. He is often commissioned to paint residential walls and spaces around Sydney - which not only look great, but deters the unfortunate graffiti we see so much of these days. You can buy his art from Stupid Krap - an online shop that sells limited-edition prints by talented underground artists.


Red Brick

I hope not to lose readers of my blog over this, and am never one to set a trend - but I think red brick homes could be cool again. Hold off on hiring that cement mixer, people - just a thought.


File and Find

The style of shoot I am working on at the moment is keeping me away from my beloved thrift store. Although I did get to race through one last weekend on the Central Coast. Lucky I did - pictured here with a collection of green, the 1970's kikki.K equivalent 'File and Find' folder came home with me for $10.00. I'm not sure it was ever used very much, the condition of the fabric is too good. Maybe the original owner found it too cute for all those unattractive bills. I got the super sized pencil from my favourite bargain shop, Base Warehouse.


Pearl Beach House

I cringe a little to think of the grief I caused my parents as a teenager during my high school holidays. The reluctance to spend them at our old holiday house at Pearl Beach on the NSW Central Coast seems a little ridiculous to me now. The small town with the stunning beach has only got better over the years. We were lucky enough to rent Pearl Beach House for the past two nights to celebrate a birthday. (You can too, visit the link above and check out the photos that appeared in Inside Out.) Walking in for the first time, the little white house took my breath away. I want to go back every school holiday. I wish.


Honey Bee Homewears

Honey Bee Homewears is a Northern Beaches establishment where you will find that perfect gift, but leave with three gifts for yourself. It overflows with beautiful French brands - including a personal favourite, the gorgeous stationery supplier, Marc Vidal. I recently self-gifted with a Bougies la Française candle. I seriously want it's scent to last forever. This store is definitely worth crossing the big bridge for.


The Collector of Everything

Apologies for the off-centre post, but when decorating my home - my 10 year old, troll doll-collecting-self sometimes comes out. I couldn't pass on the collection of plastic food at Aldi the other day. (Check out the prawn and bacon, so hilarious.) I can't forget the charming owl from Carnival & Toy that commutes across our dining table when wound up. It's sometimes just nice to be around things that bring a smile to your face. Now I just need to decide on what to do with all that food.


Twine at Bunnings

A household can never have too much twine. Ok, maybe this is overkill. This post is really all about a shout-out to good old Bunnings, where the collection of twine is from. The warehouse chain with endless aisles of timber/tiles/carpet/plants/lighting/hardware has helped me considerably with recent shoots. (In particular, one with the brief 'decorating on a budget'). Is it bad to admit that I would prefer a shopping spree here than at a fashion store? Guess I am in the right job. Thank you, Bunnings.


Marrickville Bathroom

This is one of my all time favourite bathrooms. Renovated just over a year ago by two clever friends of mine, it's one of those bathrooms that stays in your mind long after the shower is off. For starters, it's the size of a bedroom with a super deep bath, and makes an even more dramatic statement with the brick patterned tiles and charcoal grout. (Love that grout.) Accessorised minimally with a gorgeous old meatsafe purchased on ebay and a lovely selection of soaps, I call this home my inner-west hotel.


Cheese & Honeycomb

A party just isn't a party without a cheese plate. This particular one was devoured at a family gathering recently. The stand out on the board was the mountain of Malfroy's Gold honeycomb with roasted hazelnuts from Mudgee, NSW. We learnt about the combination from the super-talented caterer and devoted foodie, Rachael McCarthey. I suggest you try this combo, combined with the cheeses - it was a flavour like no other. I had to include the photo of the chocolate smile - it sums up how everyone was feeling around the dinner table that day.


Uncle, Cousin, Grandma

A shoe advertisement from a collection of vintage Australian Women's Weekly's (bought for me by one of my big sisters) came in handy for wrapping three birthday gifts recently. Ribbons were purchased from Pulp Creative Paper.


Bourke Street Bakery

Spending a large part of my job on the road, I have a list of good 'quick lunch' spots filed away in my head. Bourke Street Bakery is one of them. You will find the bakeries in Surry Hills, Alexandria, CBD and most recently, Marrickville. Owners Paul Allam and David Mcguiness have written a baking bible - which my husband studies religiously. I'm also going to make those croissants one day.


Dinosaur Designs

Since 1985, Dinosaur Designs has produced timeless resin jewellery and homewares. This is a collection that started with a bangle from a good friend for my 21st birthday. My accumulation has remained on the creamy white side of things, but their use of gorgeous and vibrant colour often catches my eye in the window of their Paddington shop. You can also buy a rug designed by the talented trio from here.


Orange Owl

Macramé is an Arabic word that means ‘fringe’, and is literally the art of tying knots. During the seventies it would have been hard to find a home without a macramé owl or plant hanger. The owl above will no doubt soon find it’s way back on to an op shop wall, but I do want to point out a designer who has managed to make macramé cool again. Much talked about Tamara Maynes from The Six Week Boutique is one talented crafter. I also love her cross stitch pieces, union jack cushions and bus roll tea towels. Tamara is involved with the 16 days of Sydney Design, and is holding two workshops on the 14th & 15th August. How much fun would that be.


Thank you to Zed & Bee

The box of stamps got a workout recently and helped me make some simple thank you notes for some special people. I figure a photo of my notes can be a 'blog way' of saying thank you to Zed & Bee . The sister duo specialise in creating truly unbelievable invitation design. Zoe and Billie wrote some very kind words on their blog about Sunday Collector, so it's only fair that I return the blog love and tell you about the amazing work that is coming out of their Leichhardt studio. Zed & Bee are doing Australian design proud. Check them out.


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