Outside Lounge Room

Sorry to talk about me, but I was quietly very excited when I spotted the new issue of Real Living in the newsagent today - a story I styled back in September made the front cover. The weather was on our side that day, and we shot in the late afternoon light at a gorgeous home in Palm Beach. The idea of 'taking the lounge room outside' came about from being an apartment dweller - I'm always entertaining outside. Just not always with a cowboy hat on. Photography by Chris Warnes. And...for all the Orecchiette and Cauliflower recipe requests - here you go.


  1. Ah, fantastic. I really must take the plastic wrapper off my copy very soon! And 3,2,1 until holidays begin!

  2. Well Done Miss B... Beautiful Styling!! Must grab myself a copy today x

  3. Congratulations. I too will be buying a copy!

  4. Yeah for you! Congratulations Briar! It looks beautiful. I leave for Australia on Monday (whoopee!) so I'm going to pick up a copy. Perfect timing ;)

  5. Congratulations - how exciting - beautiful job!! x


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