The Office

On the rare occasions I am back at the office, you will find me at a mediocre desk with a camera plugged in to my MacBook, a cumbersome grey printer, and an over sized Telstra phone that has way too many buttons. Surely, life at the office was calmer back in the day - and your desk accessories far more attractive. It was 'Show and Tell' time at work today. (The meeting with the Director when the Art Department displays all the exciting loot that has been sourced over the past month). As you can probably tell, we are re-creating an early 1970's office - and this is a handful of what's spilling out of storage. If you want your desk to take on a Mad Men vibe, Mitchell Road has some great things at the moment.


  1. Oooooh yesssssssss!! Definitely would love the day job to be more like that. Hope you are having a good week catching up on all your lovely posts xox

    P.s love mad men! How fabulous are those sets and the wardrobes....god I would love to have those beautiful vintage lines in mine!

  2. Love Mad Men and loving all the things you've collected! Nicolex


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