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It kind of felt like I celebrated Christmas back in September with all the festive shoots I worked on. Above are two of the six Christmas trees I styled for Real Living, out now. I was asked by the editor, Deb, to create a 'found objects' tree. Being a keen collector - It was so much fun to create...I mentioned it here. I also couldn't resist the decorations on offer at Ruby Star Traders this year - which had me sorted for the 'boho' look. The beautiful real tree is from Leo at The Dural Christmas Tree Farm. Leo encourages you to come out and he will chop down your tree, just like in the movies. Photography by Maree Homer.


  1. I love the 'found' tree, i should have known it was created by you! As soon as i saw it,I was inspired to recreate something similar for the store but with bits and bobs customers/kids bring in..... an idea is forming!

    Thank you!

  2. I love your version of the eclectic, found tree and how great it looks --long and lean against the wall.
    I created a simpler and smaller version myself - inspired by Jane Schouten's tree on Flickr (see my blog).
    Thanks for sharing such a great idea - so much 'greener' than a real tree.

  3. Glad you like them! Found trees are very popular this year! I'm pretty sure Jane's one is the one Deb from Real Living loved. So easy and inexpensive to create! Thanks for the mention on your blog...you are right, I used liquid nails on a panel of painted timber. That way, you can store it away for next year!

  4. ohhh- it looks so pretty! Love the grey behind it too :)

  5. And...a big thankyou to Sara of Furnnish who was a HUGE help with the prep on the shoot! xx

  6. It's beautiful! I love how many little round things you've used in the tree... sort of like baubles! I just made my own version, too, using much smaller bits and bobs (on my blog), but I'd love to try one with big items next year!

  7. You're so bloody talented! I would love to work on a shoot with you. If you're ever in Canada...let me know. ;)


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