Central Coast

I spent a day at work last week that felt more like hanging with a friend on a fun Saturday. The film I have started working on has the Art Department entrenched in the 1970's. A colleague and I left Sydney with an empty van and hit up the thrift stores on the NSW Central Coast. The day was filled with such exciting finds - friendly service, whimsical merchandising, and best of all...dirt cheap prices. The shops don't try and be antique dealers like some of their Sydney cousins. The best stop was saved for last, Bibles for Missions in Asquith - definitely worth the trek if you want to load a van.


  1. Thanks for the insider knowledge. I love going to thrift stores but I have found that recently a lot of the stores in Sydney no longer have the great treasures they once used to. I think a road trip is in the near future for me!

  2. OK, I feel like I know a celebrity now. Real Living? Seriously? That's awesome. Love your blog and love your work. You'll be up on the blogroll once I have my new layout all worked out. You're an inspiration!


  3. You do have a fun job! Searching for 70's props would be trouble for me....I'd end up keeping heaps of it.

  4. Wow - what FUN! I'm such a 70s girl. Ah,*sigh*, nostalgia. Looking forward to watching the film/show. I quite liked Hawke for the styling.


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