Invented in the 1940's in Australia by Bill McArthur of Potts Point, Splayds changed the way people ate...with one hand. The concept of the Splayd makes me smile - a utensil that combines the funtions of a spoon, fork and knife. 'Ideal for eating in front of the Television Set'. Genius. The collection pictured above belongs to my Nan, who gave them to me to share with you. Always ahead of her time, Nan isn't one to hold on to too many trinkets from the past - although the leather bound boxes of special forks and spoons survived the house moves over the years. On another note, my new favourite television series is the 1960's based Mad Men - a bit late to catch on, I know - but I think Betty would have had a few Splayds in her cupboard too.

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  1. I love the "splayd"! We've had a "spork" but I never heard of the splayd.
    As for Mad Men, it is pretty spectacular isn't it?
    Have a good night!


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