Cook by photos

I have been surrounded by good cooks all my life. My mum and two older sisters (and numerous extended family) certainly know their way around the kitchen. This childhood indulgence has left me...well, a little lazy in the chef department. Especially now that I'm married to a man that sees A Day at elBulli as light reading material. I could handle these garlic prawns though - cooked by a 'good cook' friend recently, I was impressed by the taste and how simple the process was. No recipe needed, just photos. Not in the mood for cooking? You can't go past the seafood served at Garfish.


  1. Excellent idea for a post- I am a cooking loser but I think I can figure this out :) have a good weekend

  2. It's only 8am, here in Vancouver, but I want to eat these prawns right now!


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